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Aqua Pulse Spas Has Spas for Sale from Perth to Penrith and All Across Australia!

Spas for Sale in Australia

Aqua Pulse Spas is based in Queensland on the Gold Coast but sells spas all across Australia. Our spas for sale in Perth are just as popular as our spas for sale in Queensland due to our affordability, range of stock and expert customer service. Not only do we sell the best spas in Australia, we also have a great range of maintenance and accessories and if you don’t see something you need on our website, give us a call and we will be able to help you. Read on to find out more about how the Aqua Pulse Spas team is helping more Australians to love their spas!

Our Spa Range

If you are looking for a spa for sale, we’re the experts to call! Our happy customers hail from across Australia and we have sold spas for sale in Perth, up to Darwin and down to Melbourne. We’ll also be on hand to help you after you’ve purchased a spa with expert advice from our customer care team. Read on to find out more about our hot tub range:

2 Person Spas

Ideal for couples or singles, these provide you with great place to relax and unwind in your own home. Simply pour a glass of something delicious, recline and either cool down or warm up (depending on the weather!) letting the powerful massage jets unwind tense muscles and melt your stress away.

3 Person Spas

If you’re looking for a compact spa which doesn’t take up much space in and around your home, a three-person spa is the one for you. These spas are compact and economical yet allow up to three people to comfortably relax and enjoy some spa time together or solo. Let your worries melt away with a long soak in warm, bubbly water as the massage jets soothe tension and unknot sore muscles.

4 Person Spas

Four person spas are an great choice for families, or if you’re looking to catch up with friends and work well as both plunge pools in summer and a warm, relaxing space in winter. Spas are an affordable way to get more out of your outdoor space, whatever the temperature outside!

5 Person Spas

Our five person spas are an excellent choice for larger families and/ or groups of friends, and come with all the benefits of spas such as massage and relaxation. Some models come with luxury additions such as underwater lighting, light up drink holders, aromatherapy dispensers and more…making your spa down time even more enjoyable.

6 Person Spas

Our six person spas are large enough for bigger groups and families but still small enough to fit compactly in a domestic setting. Add some landscaping, stairs, mood lighting and a waterfall feature and you have yourself a spectacular home retreat! Our six-person spas are guaranteed to leave nobody feeling left out. This size works great in summer as a plunge pool and winter as a relaxing place to warm up and unwind, and is still easy to maintain, even if you are time poor.

7 Person Spas

Our seven seater spas are known as “party size” and are also ideal for larger families! If you plan on throwing the best parties in your family or friendship group, a seven-person spa is the type to choose. The size of these spas make them equally useful as a summertime plunge pool and winter retreat.

Aqua Pulse’s range of spas come in a variety of styles and colours with added and optional features such as mood lighting, aromatherapy dispensers, massage jets and more. To find out more about all our spas for sale, click here.

We also stock a wide range of spa parts and accessories to make your spa perfect for you, including:

  • Spa hard covers
  • Lights
  • Sensors
  • Bar trays
  • Inflatable bars
  • Aromatherapy spa safe oils
  • Inflatable cushions
  • Stairs
  • Handrails and more

And, a wide range of spa maintenance products and spare parts including (but not limited to):

  • Spa filters
  • Spa chemicals including kits
  • Pumps
  • Heater elements and more…

To find out more about our extensive stock, visit our website or contact us.

Contact Us

The Aqua Pulse Spas team are experts in affordable and luxury spas and have spas for sale in Perth and all over Australia. If you are keen to learn more about buying a spa from us, or need some information on how to care for your spa and spa parts, or if we can help provide any other information please contact our expert customer care team. To check out our spas for sale, click here.

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