Spa Trays

Spas are a luxury addition to your home. They provide a place to relax and rejuvenate after a long day, as well as spend quality time bonding with the whole family. A hot tub is a great investment for enjoyment and relaxation.

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However, not all spas come equipped with the bells and whistles that premium entertaining spas do. Whether you purchased a smaller spa due to lack of space, or your spa is a simpler model, it may not have an area to place the things you want to take into the spa with you. This could be a drink, book, phone or something else. That's where spa trays come in.

At Aqua Pulse Spas, we have a wide variety of spa tray tables to suit your every need. No matter what you're after, you'll find it here at Aqua Pulse Spas! Browse the collection of spa tray tables online today.

What Are Spa Tray Tables?

Spa trays are exactly what they sound like – tray tables for your spa. They are designed specifically for use in hot tubs and offer a place to set whatever you need close by while enjoying your spa. They come in various materials and designs, with some even being foldable or adjustable.

No matter what type of spa tray table you're looking for, Aqua Pulse Spas has something that will suit your needs. Whether you're after a spa drink tray or a larger tray to serve up a feast while you wind down and relax, we've got it all.

Our Spa Bar is a delight for those who want to turn their me-time into a luxurious, relaxing oasis. This efficient tool not only rests on the edge of your spa for sturdy safekeeping of food and drinks, but also has the ability to float on the water. Yes, you can enjoy a floating meal while winding down. It also has two carry handles, making travelling with food and beverages on the tray much easier.

How to Use a Spa Tray

Using a spa tray is simple. All you need to do is set it up on the side of your hot tub or float it in the water if the model allows for this. Place whatever items you want onto the tray and enjoy! The way to set up your spa tray table will depend on the type of tray you have. Generally speaking, there will usually be a hook or clamp wherein you can attach it to the ledge of your spa. However, always follow specific instructions for the spa tray table that you have.

Where to Buy Spa Tray Tables

Aqua Pulse Spas is the best place to buy spa tray tables. With a wide selection of styles, materials and designs, you will find something that fits your preferences and needs. Plus, our team of professionals can assist you in finding the ideal spa tray table for your hot tub, as well as answer any questions or queries that you may have, so contact us today! Start browsing our range of spa tray tables, or take a look at our wider collection of spa accessories.

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