Spa Maintenance & Installation Guides

Spas don’t require a huge amount of maintenance. You’ll still have plenty of time to focus on your family and your life. But there’s no getting around the fact that regular maintenance will extend the life of your spa and allow you to get the most out of it for longer into the future. The number one question you might have is: how much maintenance, exactly? Of course, that depends on how often you use your spa, but there are a few general guidelines worth following.

Installing Your Spa

Here are some useful tips for planning for and installing your spa:

  • Do the preliminary planning. What kind of spa do you want social or therapy? Where do you want it to go? Will it be indoors or outdoors?
  • Plan for the spa to be placed on a level solid foundation to support the weight of the water and the spa’s users.
  • Pay attention to your spa’s electrical requirements. 10amp spas can simple be plugged into a normal home power point providing your home has been wired to Australian Standards. 15amp & 32amp spas will require you to hire a licensed electrician.
  • Consider your budget. If you can’t pay the full price for the spa straight away, check out our interest free payment plans.

Maintaining Your Spa

Maintaining your spa doesn’t have to be a lot of work. But it is one of those scenarios where neglecting to maintain your spa is bad for your spa.

  • It’s good to test the water on a weekly basis and have a professional water test done in a pool or spa store once a month. By testing the water regularly, you can make small adjustments as necessary to the pH, alkalinity, hardness and sanitizer levels.
  • You should clean your filters at least once a week. You should wash filters with a hose, working from the top downward. Make sure the water pressure isn’t too hard. After that, soak the filter overnight in a filter cleaner & degreaser solution. A spare filter makes this process a breeze. The more you clean your filter, the cleaner your water will be.
  • You should drain and clean the entire spa with pipe flusher at least once every six months, pipe flusher cleans the spas acrylic shell, pumps, plumbing & heater which extends the life of the spa’s equipment.

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