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Need To Update Your Spa for Summer? Aqua Pulse Has Hot Tubs, Spa Steps And Accessories A Plenty!

Spa Shopping

Whether you’re a current spa owner or looking to buy a spa for sale, the experts at Aqua Pulse Spas have you covered. Our spa range and accessories are excellent quality and our customers benefit from great, personalised service, wherever you are in Australia. So, if you want to find out more about what we offer, read on or click here to contact us!

Spa Steps

One of the most important accessories for your spa is a good set of spa steps. You don’t want to be stepping out of a relaxing spa only to slip and hurt yourself, so wobbly or slippery spa steps are a big no-no. Aqua Pulse Spas offers spa steps for sale, you can also incorporate them into decking or landscaping (with the addition of non-slip treads highly recommended) if you are planning to set your spa into your garden or deck area.

Spa Handrails

Spa handrails are another important safety feature in any hot tub. Again, you can build handrails into your spa setting on decks or rockeries for example, or you can buy handrails from Aqua Pulse Spas, here. As always with any safety feature, make sure it is fit for purpose and can handle a decent amount of wear and tear, and if it gets wobbly or worn replace asap to avoid accident.


One of the most popular times to use a spa is at night, which makes it important to have adequate lighting to allow you to enter and exit your spa safely. Our spa handrails have lights and many of our spas for sale come with mood lighting. You might also want to add some solar garden lights close to your spa so you can see your steps clearly.


Totally non-essential, but plenty of fun, Aqua Pulse Spas also sells inflatables! Not the kind your kids ride on, but the kind that hold drinks and snacks. We also sell pillows and booster seats to help you make your spa the most comfortable experience it can be, because what else is a spa for but to afford you absolute comfort and relaxation?

Floating Candles

Planning a special evening in your spa? Create a romantic atmosphere, add some ambience to a night time spa session or make a solo soak your most relaxing yet with the addition of some floating candles. Click here to check them out!

Spa Trays

If you’d like to enjoy drinks and snacks in your spa and don’t want to go the inflatable option then a spa tray is for you. These clip onto the side of your spa allowing you to rest your drinks or phone, or snacks etc comfortably without spillage.

Just a side note here; many of our spas do come with drink holders (the luxury models even light up!) so if you’re in the market for a new spa, check out the inclusions before you splash out (pun totally intended) on accessories.

Aromatherapy Oils

Adding a splash of aromatherapy oils to your spa can help you to relax and clear your mind, while you float on a sea of tranquillity! We offer a range of scents and these are completely safe to use in your spa. Many of our hot tub models come with aromatherapy diffusers, adding to the hydrotherapy and massage benefits spas already provide. To find out more about the range of spas for sale at Aqua Pulse Spas, click here. We have something for everyone and to suit every budget.

Customer Service

For more spa tips and information on buying a hot tub and accessories like spa steps, check out our Blogs and speak to our customer service team about our spas for sale across Australia.

We also supply everything you need to maintain your spa from chemicals to filters, pumps and much more. To review our range, please click here, and if something you need isn’t on our website please contact us and we will do our best to help.

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