Cartridge Filters

Adding a spa to your home has so many benefits. Not only does it provide quality entertainment and relaxation for the entire family, but an inground spa increases the value of your home if you decide to sell in future. And if it’s above ground? Pack it up and take it with you on your move!

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When you invest in a spa, it's essential to have all the right equipment to ensure it stays in tip-top condition and adheres to hygiene standards. After all, you don't want your family to be relaxing in bacteria or filth. Spa filter cartridges are the solution to this.

Spa filters are important to maintaining a healthy and safe spa environment. Without properly filtered water, your spa may develop bacteria and other contaminants that can harm your health. They work by trapping dirt, debris, and other particles in the filter before they get into the water, preventing them from being circulated throughout the spa.

Every spa comes with some sort of filter, and you wouldn't want to buy a hot tub that doesn't have one. And although they initially come with a filter, spa filters need to be replaced every 12 months, so they remain effective.

At Aqua Pulse Spas, we offer a range of efficient and reliable spa filters that are designed to keep your hot tub sparkling clean. We have spa filter cartridge replacements that fit most spas from our wide collection so that you can find the right one for your spa. So, if you're looking to buy a spa filter that is effective, look no further than our selection here at Aqua Pulse Spas! Browse the range today.

How Often Should You Replace Spa Filters?

This answer really depends on how often you use your spa. If you use your spa quite regularly and have a quality spa filter such as our Universal Filter with Black Filter Faces, it should last around one year. However, to keep it in top-notch condition, you need to clean it regularly and not let bacteria build up for too long. If you're unsure how to do this, don't worry, we'll be getting to that later.

If you don't use your spa too often but still like to keep that filter clean, your spa filter can last up to two years. When the media material starts to break up, you know it's time to replace that hot tub filter.

Unfortunately, spa parts don't last forever, and in your hot tub's lifetime, you'll likely need to buy replacement spa parts. When it does come time to replace your filter, make sure you buy one that is good quality – like the ones here at Aqua Pulse Spas. Cheaper filters are typically made with lower-quality materials and can't block out as much debris and particles. This means that the spa water is still at risk of becoming contaminated by bacteria or dirt, despite owning a spa filter cartridge. So if you're looking to keep your spa water crystal clean, invest in the right filter. You can do that with us!

How Do I Know What Spa Filter I Need?

When it comes to choosing the right spa filter cartridge, you need to make sure it fits your hot tub. This will be listed in your user manual, or you can contact us directly, and we'll find the perfect one for you.

Our Universal Filter fits most Aqua Pulse Spas, so you can ensure you get a high-quality filter every time. It is designed to fit spas of different sizes, so you'll be able to find the perfect one for your hot tub. The spas that this filter fits include:

  • Airlie
  • Coral
  • Miami
  • Shelly
  • Portsea
  • Botany
  • Lorne
  • Bondi
  • Byron
  • Noosa
  • Torquay
  • Regency
  • Majestic

How to Clean a Spa Filter

Cleaning your spa filter regularly is important if you want to maintain a healthy, hygienic spa environment. If the filter isn't cleaned, it won't be as effective at trapping dirt and debris, allowing them to get into the water. This can cause all sorts of problems down the line, so keeping that filter clean is essential. Here's how you can keep your spa filter cartridge clean:

Weekly Clean

At least once a week, you should rinse your filter with water. It's best to do this when the hot tub is running so that any debris can be washed away easily. 

If you want a more pristine clean, a  filter cleaner and degreaser will help make cleaning your spa filter a breeze. It’s best to take the filter out of the spa and not have the spa running when you do this.

Deep Clean Every Six Months

Once every six months, it's time to give your spa filter an in-depth clean. This involved replacing the spa’s water and doing a pipe flush, which will remove any build-up. For this, use spa supplies dedicated to filter maintenance, such as filter cleaner, rinse and foam. This will help to break down any bacteria or dirt that's built up in the media material.

Can I Soak My Spa Filter In Vinegar?

While you may be able to soak your spa filter in vinegar if there is no water in the spa, vinegar may change the water chemistry if there is water. But that doesn't mean you should skip the proper spa cleaning supplies. Vinegar is a weaker acid and is safe on the skin once the filter is back in your spa, but it won't be as effective at breaking down bacteria and dirt, so you should still do a deep clean of your filter with dedicated supplies.

Can I Run My Spa Without a Filter?

For your spa to run efficiently, you need to ensure you're using a filter. Without one, the water won't be filtered properly, you will be exposed to bacteria and contaminated water, and you're more likely to experience problems with your spa down the line. There is more risk of something going into the plumbing, which leads to the expense of having it removed.It's always best to have a filter – even if it's only used for short periods of time.

How Many Hours Should I Run My Spa Filter per Day?

It can depend on how often you're using your spa, but it's recommended that you run your filter for around eight hours a day. If you use your hot tub more frequently, then you may need to run the filter for longer than this. However, we recommend to run your spa filter for a minimum of six hours each day. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference and usage, so it may be worth speaking to a professional to get the best advice.

No matter what type of spa filter cartridge you need or how often you use your hot tub, Aqua Pulse Spas has got you covered. Our top-of-the-line filters will ensure that your pool is kept clean and hygienic for longer. Get yours today, or contact us for assistance.

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