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Drop into Aqua Pulse Spas today for an amazing look into what your home life could be like with an above ground spa! 

Picture this, the work week is coming to an end, and all you can think about is the wish to unwind and relax. There are plenty of ways to do this of course, but none of them even come close to the lavish luxury of winding down in your own home spa. 

At Aqua Pulse Spas, we do more than just sell spas. We're committed to giving our customers the very best experience while they go about choosing a spa for their home. This includes consulting with and educating clientele on how they can get the most from their purchase, as well as making sure the delivery and installation process is a calm and hassle-free experience. 

By shopping with Aqua Pulse Spas, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you're working with one of Queensland's most respected spa dealers and be confident in our ability to connect every customer with their perfect home spa.

The Aqua Pulse Spas Range

When it comes to choosing an above ground spa, it's in your best interest to consider all the options that are available to you. Our range has you covered, no matter what your size and feature requirements are. Here's a look at some of the highlights.

2 Person Spas

2 person spas are a brilliant choice for anyone who's looking for an intimate spa environment. These compact spas are able to be installed in areas where space is at a premium, but they're able to do so without missing out on the features provided by larger models.

2 person spas also have some other unique benefits. They're easier and quicker to fill than other spas, which makes them ideal for a spontaneous dip when you don't feel like waiting for the spa to fill.

4 Person Spas

If you're after a spa for the whole family, then the 4 person spas from Aqua Pulse Spas are the ideal choice. Featuring superior hydrotherapy jets, an ergonomic seating arrangement, and plenty of room to move around in, these spas are sure to make a statement wherever they're installed!

6 Person Spas

For bigger parties or groups of friends, 6 person spas provide exceptional comfort and convenience. With conveniently placed seating positions combined with powerful jets, these king-sized above ground spas are ideal for those looking to entertain guests in style.

But the Aqua Pulse Spas range doesn't end there, we have several other sizes and models available. Check out the rest of the spas we have on sale, or come take a look for yourself at our Gold Coast Showroom!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Above Ground Hot Spa Worth It?

Yes! If you’re serious about having a spa in your home, then an above ground spa is certainly worth it. Not only do they provide incredible comfort and relaxation all year round, but they can also add value to your property and make for a great centrepiece in any backyard or deck. Plus, if you purchase from Aqua Pulse Spas, you'll get helpful advice and assistance from our experienced staff throughout the whole purchasing process. Our spas are packed with features and built to last. 

What Are the Differences Between an Above Ground & Built-In Spa?

There are a number of key differences between above ground and built-in spas. Above ground spas are much easier to install than built-in ones, simply for the fact that most above ground spas do not require serious landscaping or difficult excavation work. On top of this, above ground spas are typically more affordable and are a great choice for those on a budget. Most spas, above ground or built-in, will require some connection to the power mains of the house in order for the jets and pumps to function. But a key difference is that if you were to move residences, you would likely be able to take your above ground spa with you to the new place. 

How Long Do Above Ground Spas Last?

Generally speaking, with regular cleaning and safety checks, your Aqua Pulse Spas above ground spa should provide you with many years of enjoyment. However, the actual life expectancy will also depend on the quality of installation and how it is looked after over time. We are committed to providing you with spas that are built to last so you can enjoy them for years to come! See our spa maintenance and installation guides for more info on how to preserve the lifespan of your spa.

Can I Install My Own Above Ground Spa?

It is possible to install an above ground spa yourself, but we'd always recommend getting help from a professional installer in order to ensure the installation process goes as smoothly as possible. An incorrectly installed spa can cost a lot more in the long run than getting a professional to help in the first place. 

Additionally, when spas are hooked up to the power of the house, it's often recommended that these are run on a different circuit to other household appliances, which must be set up by a professional.

Do You Need a Fence Around an Above Ground Spa?

In Australia, any spa or pool that is capable of holding more than 30cm of water depth is required to have a fence around it. This is for the safety of adults and children alike and should always be factored in when considering the cost and space requirements of a spa. There are a number of fencing solutions available, and our team would be more than happy to help recommend the best choice for you.

Aqua Pulse Spas is your one-stop shop for brilliant home living. If you want to learn more, then get in touch with our team or come visit our showroom today!