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32amp Stradbroke Luxury Platinum Spa Free Hardcover

32amp Stradbroke Luxury Platinum Spa Free Hardcover

6 Adults 2.3m x 2.2m 0.9m
The Stradbroke Luxury Platinum Spa is the ultimate performance therapy spa.  Enjoy hot water massage therapy being pumped through all the hydrotherapy jets at the same time.  There is no waiting for others users to finish their massage, everyone can enjoy the perfect massage at the same time.  The Stradbroke Luxury Platinum Spa is the perfect place to cool off this summer, whilst enjoying an ice cold drink.
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  • Power Requirements

    32amp Hard Wired

  • Key Features

    5 Pumps + 102 Jets

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The Stradbroke Luxury Platinum Spa is new to our luxury range of prestige spas. The Australian design focuses on space and comfort, therefore allowing those taller in height or larger in frame to relax in a more open faced moulded interior. The Stradbroke Luxury Platinum Spa allows versatile positioning for the ultimate spa experience. The Stradbroke Luxury Platinum Spa has over 102 hydrotherapy jets consequently pumping variable temperature controlled water through 3 massage pumps. This spa delivers high pressure massage or relaxed water-flow pressure to every seating position at the touch of a button. Our targeted massage zone settings therefore allows you to control the level of massage to different seating positions. This provides all users with an experience suited to their needs.

We use stainless steel frame and equipment mounts that are unique to our range. The waterfalls have coloured mood lights. Sit back, relax and enjoy the versatility of the Stradbroke Luxury Platinum Spa with its enhanced therapy features. The stylish design make you feel like you have resort style living every day.

Our friendly team at Aqua Pulse Spas are available to answer any questions before and after your spa purchase. We are here to ensure you get the best from your new spa. This is because we want you to receive the best sales service. Need a user manual for your Stradbroke Luxury Platinum Spa? Spa manuals come with all spa because we know what needs to be looked up.

The prices listed on our website are for Cash, Card or Direct Deposit sales.

The Stradbroke Luxury Platinum Spa includes the following:

  • Balboa control system
  • Time programable control system to take advantage of home solar systems 
  • 3 x Premium 3hp high speed jet pumps 
  • Premium 0.35hp built in energy efficient cleaning pump
  • Premium 3kw set and forget inbuilt heater
  • 0.4hp Air blower
  • Ozone water sanitiser
  • 102 x Premium Jets with stainless steel faces (Not standard clip in jets)
  • 4 x Padded headrest with LED multicoloured lights
  • 2 x Waterfalls with LED multicoloured lights
  • 4 x Drink coasters with LED multicoloured lights
  • 20 x LED multicoloured wall lights
  • Water directional control handles
  • Water pressure control handles 
  • Insulated key lockable vinyl hardcover
  • Insulated energy efficient cabinet
  • Insulated energy efficient fiberglass shell
  • Insulated energy efficient solid ABS-fiberglass reinforced base
  • Stainless steel structural frame
  • 32 Amp power electrician required
DIMENSIONS2.3m x 2.2m x 0.9m
SEATING2 Loungers & 4 Chairs

Massage and Hydrotherapy Spas

At Aqua Pulse Spas, we mention hydrotherapy spas a fair amount in order to emphasise the enhanced features of our inbuilt therapy spa systems. Hydrotherapy is about using the natural buoyancy created in water for pain relief, bodily recovery and treatment of illness. You can adjust the flow and the heat of the jets to your ideal requirements in order to aid muscle and joint recovery.

Portable Spas

Your new spa doesn’t have to become a permanent fixture of the property. If you’re planning to move in the near future or just like the idea of having flexibility with where you place your spa, our portable spas are a convenient and cost-effective solution. Rather than being built into the structure of your property, portable spas sit above ground and some can be operated just by plugging in a 240v Mains Power Point. Whether you’ve found a new address or you’re just ready to examine your backyard from a new vantage point, a portable spa means you’re never locked in.

Outdoor Spas

You might decide the backyard is the best place for your spa, next to your pool or beneath your patio or gazebo. We’re sure to have a spa in stock that suits the look and feel of your backyard. In the evening you can have a dip in your pool that finishes with you warming up in the spa, or just sit back and enjoy the fresh air first thing in the morning. With an outdoor spa there’s also no worrying about where in the house you’ll be able to fit it. Chances are it will go nicely in your entertaining area. All you’ll have to do is lean back and enjoy yourself.

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