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Spa Steps, Floating Bars, Automatic Aromatherapy Dispensers, and More!

If you’re thinking of purchasing a spa, or would like to upgrade your current spa, you might also be thinking about some added extras to make your spa that little bit more special. In this blog we’ll walk you through some of the extras we offer such as spa steps, floating bars, aromatherapy oils, and more.

Spa Steps

If you don’t have your spa sunk into a deck or similar, it can sometimes be tricky to get in and out. Our sturdy spa steps allow for easy in and out stepping and the anti-slip design on the steps and the base also help to prevent accidents. View our spa steps for sale page, for more details.

These are also a great option if your spa is on grass and you want to avoid tracking grass or dirt into your spa as you can sit/ stand on them and give your feet a quick wipe before you get in! Spa steps are particularly good if your whole family is using your spa as we all know kids like to track grass in EVERYWHERE!

Spa Handrail

If you are concerned about slipping when getting in and out of your spa, you can pair the spa steps with our spa handrails. Our spa handrails also come with lights so you can see your spa steps at night, these also work if your spa is sunk into your deck or similar. For more information, visit our spa handrails page here.


Aqua Pulse Spas offers a range of inflatables to help you to get the most from your spa experience. We have spa pillows, spa bars and spa booster seats. Our spa pillows come in standard and deluxe with suction cups to prevent them from moving, and can really help you enjoy the full benefits of your spa as you recline.

We also have two spa bar options. Our floating snack and drinks bar for has water weighted stability chambers to rest on ledge of your spa / hot tub. This model also comes with two carry handles for easy transfer from home to spa, and multiple sized food and drink nooks. This can be used by either floating it in the water or resting it in the side of the spa. The deluxe inflatable spa bar is similar but has a larger storage centre section with cover for goodies and six beverage holders. The buoyant design means that the bar won’t tip over and is great for family or entertaining.

We also have a spa booster seat which provides extra height and comfort. This is easy to fill using a garden hose nozzle and comes with suction cups to prevent from floating or moving whilst in use.

For more information, visit our inflatables page.

Spa Tray Table

If an inflatable spa bar isn’t your thing or you want to be able to rest slightly heavier items such as your book, phone, tablet for portable speaker for example, then the spa tray table is for you. Aqua Pulse’s spa tray table comes with adjustable legs to allow the tray table to fit securely to most makes of spas and hot tub walls and is a great addition to your spa. Check our spa tray table page, to learn more.


Not only do some of our spa models come with automatic aromatherapy dispensers (how awesome!) We also stock a range of spa safe aromatherapy oils. All you need are a few capfuls added into your spa or hot tub to send your senses soaring! You can also use in your bath, just add one capful into for that ultimate hot water enjoyment. You can purchase our spa safe aromatherapy oils here.

And, if you are looking to buy a new spa and you love the idea of an aromatherapy dispenser then check out these models in our range:

Customer Service

For more spa tips and information on buying a spa from Aqua Pulse Spas, check out our Blogs and speak to our customer service team about buying your perfect spa in Brisbane or across Australia. Our stunning spas range from two to seven seaters and come in a range of styles and colours with inclusions from waterfalls and aromatherapy dispensers to mood lighting and more, depending on which model you choose. We have something to suit every size and budget requirement. You can view our entire range by visiting the homepage. You can also find us on Facebook.

And, if you need some information on how to care for your spa parts including spa filters, spa pumps and any other information our expert customer care team are always happy to help.

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