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Should I Buy My Hot Tub in Winter?

One of the questions we are often asked at Aqua Pulse Spas, is “Should I buy my hot tub in winter?” And our answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

One of the great things about spas is that they can be used year-round. You can use them to warm you up in the winter months when set with a high water temperature and cool you down in summer when used as a plunge pool with the water heater turned off. Spas are especially good in cold weather as you get to enjoy being outside, whilst enjoying a soothing soak in warm water. In fact, this is such a lovely experience that “winter bath” holidays are becoming increasingly popular across the globe! There is something very special about relaxing in your outdoor spa whilst looking up at the stars of an evening, and being able to do that in your own space makes it even more special!

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Benefits of Winter Spas

Using tubs in the winter months offer great health benefits. We all know it is doubly important to look after yourself in winter when your immune system can be lower, cold air causes sinus trouble with headaches, and winter germs abound. Spas, with their warmth and massage benefits, can form a simple and pleasurable part of your winter wellness regime.

Relaxing in warm hot tub water has myriad benefits for health including:

  • Relieving blocked up sinuses: The warm water in your spa creates steam which helps relieve blocked up noses. As you inhale the steam, your nasal passages open and loosens mucus, ridding you of that horrible stuffed up feeling. As your sinuses clear, any pain and headache symptoms are also alleviated. Make sure you stay hydrated during winter too, as this also helps with sinus congestion.
  • Soothing tension headaches: Taking a spa bath is recommended at any time of year, but is particularly helpful during winter when tension headaches are more common as we tense against cold! Your muscles naturally contract and your body feels more tense during cold weather, and spa pools can really help you to unwind and relax, naturally. Turn the water temperature up to a lovely warm setting, pop on the jets and let any tension in your body just melt away.
  • Improve circulation: We all suffer from chilly extremities in winter, particularly in the morning or evening when the temperatures dip. A great way to kick start your circulation and keep those tootsies toasty is to hop in for regular spa treatments in your own outdoor spa! Kick back, let the jets massage your body and with the warm water, encourage healthy blood flow all around your circulatory system.
  • Promote a good night’s sleep: One of the things we all suffer with, from time to time, is poor sleep. Whether this is due to stress, discomfort or for some reason (sometimes we have no idea why) having a long soak in a spa bath before bed is a great way to help your mind and body to unwind and promote a good night’s sleep. Immersing your body in a warm spa can help you relax mentally and physically. The water’s buoyancy can help decompress your joints, and the warmth can help increase circulation and decrease blood pressure and heart rate.

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Lower Costs

A concern you may have about whether to buy a hot tub in winter is hot tub running costs. Whilst running a spa obviously does accrue costs in terms of electricity and/ or water use, this should not prevent you from being able to enjoy your hot tub. You can winterize your spa and save on costs in several ways:

  • Use a hot tub cover when the spa is not in use: Not only does this prevent debris from falling into your spa, it also helps to get it warm more quickly when the water is heating up, and maintains water levels so you don’t have to top it up as often.
  • Many of our spas also come with energy saving features such as: Energy efficient heaters, filters and pumps, and they work with home solar systems. You can also choose a model which you can heat up during the day to use your home’s solar energy and then you only have to use mains power to maintain the heat for a short time before use in the evening. Talk to our customer service team about how you can make your spa as energy efficient as possible, and then you can enjoy a soak without worrying about your electric bill!

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Customer Service

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