LX H20-R3 2kw spa heater

Need To Replace Your Spa Heater Or Get Advice On Spa Maintenance? Aqua Pulse Spas Has You Covered!

Why Buy from Aqua Pulse Spas

Aqua Pulse Spas is an all round spa retailer and service provider. And by that we mean we won’t just sell you a spa and show you the door, we will also be available to help you with installation and maintenance queries, whenever you need. As well as a wide range of accessories we also provide all of the chemicals, equipment, parts and everything you will require to keep your new spa in the best working order to maximise both your enjoyment and the longevity of your spa.

We have an extensive stock in our warehouse at all times, which allows us to (the majority of the time) instantly supply the spa part you need. And if we don’t have it on hand we will source it for you, no matter how hard it is to find. Our product knowledge is second to none and we take pride in being able to offer regular support for all your hot tub needs. So whether you need a new spa heater, spa steps, filter or element or simply want to know about spa safe essential oils, we’re the team for you!

Our Team

Aqua Pulse Spas is based in Yatala in Queensland’s Gold Coast region, and we have a wide range of spas and spa products on offer servicing regions all across Australia.

Our experienced, expert and professional sales team will ensure you have the perfect product for your needs. And, we pride ourselves on offering after-purchase service and ongoing customer service that’s second to none. You can order our products online via our website and over the phone, and if you’re located in Southeast Queensland, you are welcome to visit our warehouse at 2/31 Dixon Street, Yatala, off the Pacific Motorway. Read on to find out more about the common products you will need to know about, which we offer at Aqua Pulse Spas.


Our spas make perfect plunge pools in summer as well as excellent places to warm up in winter. Your spa heater is what keeps the water warm in your spa and all our spa models come with heaters. If down the track (after a lot of use) you’re having issues with your spa heater (whether you purchased from us or somewhere else) we will help you find a powerful, long-lasting one.

Heater Elements

As with ovens, sometimes heater elements wear out or break over time. Our expert customer service team will help you find the right one and advise on installation. We always have your safety and satisfaction as our first priority so if you are ever unsure about something, ask us! We’re the experts and are always happy to help.

Spa Filter

Your spa filter is what catches all the little bits of dirt and debris that floats around in water and as such will require regular cleaning and then changing once it gets too clogged. Our team can advise on simple and easy ways to clean and maintain your filter, and we also have plenty of stock for spa filters of all varieties so you never have to pause your spa regime for too long!

Spa Pump

Same goes for pumps. We can get super boring about pumps, but in the world of spas…no pump, no play. Your pump keeps your water circulating and fresh while you’re using your spa and is what we refer to as “the heart” of your spa. If this baby ain’t beating, your spa ain’t working. Fortunately, all our spas come with extremely high quality pumps (all our spas and spa parts are extremely high quality) so if your spa’s heart is faltering, we can help you avoid it flatlining or if all else fails…provide a transplant.

Spa Parts and Chemicals

At Aqua Pulse we stock all the spa parts and accessories you will need, as well as chemicals to keep your spa water clean and safe. When you first buy a spa you might be unsure about maintenance and chemical balance but please don’t worry, we are here to help and after a few weeks you’ll be a pro! We have plenty of handy guides on our website, and are available to discuss in person, over the phone and online. We’re here to make sure that spa ownership is everything you hope it will be and more, so, if you’re looking to bring some relaxation into your life, check out our excellent spas for sale today!

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If you are looking to buy a spa for sale, or need some information on how to care for your spa parts including your spa heater and any other information please contact our expert customer care team.

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