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Holiday at Home With our Amazing Brand-New Outdoor Spas for Sale in Qld! Priced from $5499

Stay-cations, or holidays at home, have been increasing in popularity for years and with the sweeping changes to life we’re experiencing in the current situation, we’re having to find plenty of ways to enjoy ourselves while staying safe in our own environment. From socially distancing Zoom catch ups, sharing videos on social media, house party app singalongs and more, we’ve got it all going on, online!

And while this is all great fun, you can’t live life totally online, and buying a spa is one of the best ways to bring a relaxed, holiday vibe to your house for the perfect stay-cation (as our customers can definitely attest). And, what we might all be overlooking in the rush to keep ourselves entertained, is that one of the most vital things about holidays is how they allow us to unwind and de-stress from our busy lives. And wow, could we all use some de-stressing at the moment! From home schooling kids whilst working from home, having to cancel plans and trips away, missing family and friends…it’s more important than ever to take time to look after ourselves both physically and mentally and what better way to do that than creating an awesome stay-cation?!

Setting up Your Holiday at Home

First things first, you need to check out the outdoor spas for sale in Qld. We have spas priced from $5499 which can comfortably seat four and up, whilst being equally appropriate for some solo chill time. As the weather moves into a cool change, you can relax and unwind in beautifully heated water which delivers the perfect massage through hydrotherapy jets. And, when the weather warms up again, you can just turn the heater off and enjoy your very own plunge pool to cool down in, with a nice cold drink. At that price you’d be a lucky to get a family holiday for a week, but these outdoor spas for sale will give you years of fun, in your own backyard! To check out our range of hydrotherapy spas for sale click here.

Once you’ve found your perfect outdoor spa for sale in Qld, it’s time to think about your holiday at home styling. It’s pretty hard to pretend to be on holiday if the view from your outdoor spa is of a scraggy tree, broken furniture or some bricks, what we’re looking for here is a relaxed, secluded, holiday vibe. You can buy plenty of garden decorations online or get going on your green thumb with some pot plants, a succulent garden or bamboo screening to filter out noise and neighbours. Get a nice table and chairs, or clean up your existing spa side furniture, to really add that sense of serenity and calm.

If you’ve got a fence in your view, you can even get creative with some amazing fence art! There are some beautiful examples on Pinterest, here. You can also add a bit of extra holiday flavour with an outdoor bar, or a bar cart. You can find some great spa style cocktail recipes to try in one of our previous blogs, here.

You might want also to treat you and your holiday companions (partner/ kids/ housemates) to some new fluffy towels, fancy flip flops or general holiday attire to wear to and from the pool. Basically, anything that isn’t giving you a sense of calm needs to be sidelined for now, it’s a stay-cation baby, no time for daggy duds! You’ve got to look and feel the part, to really get the most from your time out. You can even want to give yourself a mani pedi, or try one of these inexpensive and effective at home beauty treatments to really get holiday ready.

And, all importantly, get those tunes sorted! You can find a great range of waterproof, blue tooth speakers which will allow you to listen to your perfect holiday music al fresco, podcasts, audiobook or even unwind to a favourite old TV show for background noise…just like you get on holiday.

So, if you’re pining for a holiday that just won’t come, just grab one of these amazing outdoor spas for sale in Qld from Aqua Pulse Spas and turn your home into the perfect stay-cation venue!

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