Get Your Spa Parts Ready for the Ultimate Aussie Stay-Cation!

Stay-Cation Preparation

Spa preparation is an integral part of any stay-cation. Whether you’re planning a special spa day at home, a long weekend of pampering or are lucky enough to have some serious time out for self-care, a soak in a hot tub is a must. But, before you jump in, let’s take a quick look at some pre-relaxation simple spa parts maintenance to make sure you get the most out of your stay-cation.

1 – Take the cover off your spa and have a good look and sniff at the water. If the water looks murky, discoloured or smells funky, you need to either fully empty, clean and refill your spa, or check your chemical balance and get that water nice and fresh before your stay-cation. What you do depends on the colour and murk level of the water.

We have a great guide on spa water chemicals and maintenance. If the water is funky, you’ll want to give the cover a spray and wipe down too, to make sure no holiday ruining bacteria is present to spoil your fun. Infections are a really rubbish holiday souvenir.

2 – Check your spa filters, jets and pump don’t have any goop trapped inside. And, by goop I don’t mean Gynneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website, I mean bugs, dirt particles or (horror of horrors) hair. Use one of our simple tips to get rid of any gross visitors which could spoil your stay-cation. (We can’t do anything about annoying human visitors, but the dirt kind can easily be banished.)

3 – Check your spa pump is in good working order. You don’t want to be ready to hop in and relax, only to find out you have to call our customer care team to ask how to fix a spa pump or to order a new one. While we’re only a call away and can both advise and get your spare parts to you very quickly, this problem is much more pleasantly fixed prior to your stay-cation, not during. You really don’t want to waste time doing maintenance when you could be relaxing. Time is short and so are most holidays!

Epic Spa Stay-Cations

Once your spa parts are in tip top condition, you’re ready to stay-cation! Here are nine ideas to take your stay-cation to epic status:

1 – Add a spa bar: Treat yourself to an inflatable spa bar from our spa shop, at only $29 this nifty item ensures you don’t have to hop out to grab your drink or even snacks! Designed with bubbly hot tubs in mind, it ensures snacks stay dry and drinks stay handy.

2 – Spa pillow: Same goes for our inflatable spa pillow. A very stay-cation friendly $25, this allows for the full floating experience. Enjoy excellent neck support while you get a full hydrotherapy treatment in your own home spa.

3 – Spa booster cushion: And, for the vertically challenged, we have the spa booster cushion, also at $25. This adds a bit of height for comfort, ensuring your spa jets are working for you in all the right places.

4 – Spa safe aromatherapy oils: Aqua Pulse Spas has a range of spa safe aromatherapy oils to add to your spa, to give a beautiful, relaxing aroma to the water. Check out our spa accessories for more information.

5 – Decorate your spa space: Go full resort chic with some plastic flamingos and bamboo screening, or give your garden a light show makeover with some battery or solar lights. Whatever your taste, make your spa space a place you can use to drop in, unwind and relax.

6 – Playlists: No stay-cation is complete without a few perfect playlists. Hit up your favourite digital content provider and get your background holiday vibes all ready to go.

7 – Holiday garb: Whether you’re going to go au naturel in your spa or choosing a more covered option, you’re going to want something new and fancy to make yourself feel a million bucks even before you soak. Treat yourself to a new wrap, swimwear, slides or mules…whatever it is, no matter how many bucks it actually costs, the investment in your stay-cation will be well worth it.

8 – Floating candles: The Aqua Pulse team even has floating candles available to really make your spa experience special, click here to visit the shop.

9 – Cancel all plans that don’t involve relaxing. It is tempting when we stay-cation to make plans to tidy, de-clutter, catch up with friends or learn to cook a new dish for example. And, if we don’t do anything like that we can feel like we’re wasting our time off. Well, take that impulse and give it the flick! Your stay-cation is about relaxation and self care. If an activity you plan doesn’t make you feel relaxed, and you wouldn’t do it if you were away on vacation don’t do it at home either. It can wait until after your stay-cation.

10 – Stay-cation partner: And finally, pick the perfect person or people to stay-cation with…and make sure you can all fit in the spa!

For more information on our spas for sale, how to care for your spa and any other information about buying a spa please contact our expert customer care team.

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