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Get Ready for Summer With a Portable Spa!

Portable Spa

As summer starts to rear its beautiful, warm, shiny head our thoughts turn to making our homes holiday ready. Who knows if we’ll be locked down, or confined to our own states? We certainly won’t be making it overseas this season, but it’s all ok! Aqua Pulse Spas has got you covered and with our help your home can become your favourite holiday destination, weekend retreat and after-work hang.

Purchasing a portable spa is a great way to get ready for summer in Australia. As the name suggests, these spas are portable, allowing you to enjoy the luxury of a spa wherever your home may be and no matter your available space. As long as you can reach a mains power point and a water source without too much trouble, you simply plug in and go! We can even help you organise a crane to lift your portable spa onto a balcony or a tricky back yard.

Here is a quick rundown of our plugin and go portable spas. Please note that prices are not including delivery and installation except where indicated. For more information please visit our portable spas page.

Coral Classic Spa, priced from $4999

1.8m x 1.8m x 0.85m

The Coral Classic Spa seats four people and is a great way to enjoy the benefits of a portable spa to entertain and unwind for the whole family. When the weather is chilly you can enjoy a heated soak while the Coral Classic delivers the perfect massage through hydrotherapy jets. And, when the weather heats up, you can simply turn the heater off and enjoy your very own plunge pool to cool down in, whilst enjoying a refreshing drink and an alfresco hydrotherapy massage. To view photos and learn more about the Coral Classic Spa, click here.

Miami Classic Spa, priced from $5499

2m x 2m x 0.78m

The Miami Classic Spa seats five and is another great choice for a portable spa to entertain the whole family. As with all our spas, you can use it throughout the year – during the cooler months you can enjoy a heated soak and hydrotherapy massage and in the hotter summer months, turn the heater off and use as a plunge pool with hydrotherapy benefits. For more information and to see photos, visit the Miami Classic portable spa page.

Airlie Luxury Spa, priced from $5999

1.9m x 1.35m x 0.73m

Moving up a level to the luxury and deluxe models, The Airlie Luxury Spa portable spa is the ultimate performance therapy spa. Seating two in a lying or seated position, this model comes in a range of colours and options and is perfect to unwind in as a couple. Enjoy hot water massage therapy being pumped through all the hydrotherapy jets at the same time or turn off the heater in summer to relax together and cool down. Who needs a luxury holiday when you have one of these! Find out more about Airlie Luxury Spa and browse our brochure.

Shelley Deluxe Spa, priced from $5999

2m x 2m x 0.78m

The Shelly Deluxe Spa is the perfect all year round spa and seating five it is a luxury model sure to please the whole family. Capable of delivering targeted hot water therapy whilst selectively allowing you to control the water flow supplied by the hydrotherapy jets, this portable spa comes with a range of colour choices and options including a water cooling air blower making the Shelly Deluxe Spa the perfect portable spa cool off this summer, whilst enjoying an ice-cold drink. Visit our Shelley Deluxe Spa page, for more information.

Portsea Deluxe Spa, priced from $6499

2m x 2m x 0.93m

Seating five, the Portsea Deluxe Spa is another portable spa which is perfect for year-round use by the family. Available in a range of colours, it works both as a winter retreat and a summer plunge pool and for every season in between! Capable of delivering targeted hot water therapy whilst selectively allowing you to control the water flow supplied by the hydrotherapy jets it is a great choice for a water-loving family. For more information, pictures and inclusions please visit our Portsea Deluxe Spa page.

Trinity Deluxe Spa, priced from $6499

2.1m x 1.5m x 0.82m

The Trinity Deluxe Spa is the another perfect all year round portable spa. Seating three people, this luxury spa offers reclining as well as seating and is great for relaxing hydrotherapy massages all year round, warm or cool. The Trinity Deluxe Spa comes in a range of colour options, and other inclusions such as coloured waterfall light, inbuilt aromatherapy dispenser, ozone water sanitiser and more. To learn more, please visit the Trinity Deluxe Spa page.

Lorne Deluxe Spa, priced from $6499

2m x 2m x 0.92m

The Lorne Deluxe Spa is the perfect all year round spa for a large family, or those who like to party in the tub! Seating six, it is available in a range of colours and includes fabulous therapy chairs with shoulder water jets, two waterfalls with coloured lights and underwater mood lighting amongst many amazing inclusions. If you want to enjoy hydrotherapy year round and would like a plunge pool for cooling down in summer, this is the portable spa for you. To find out more information, please visit the Lorne Deluxe Spa page.

Bondi Deluxe Spa, priced from $6999

2.2m x 2.2m x 0.78m

The Bondi Deluxe Spa is a fancy number, perfect for families, entertaining and relaxing all year round. Seating five, the Bondi Deluxe Spa comes with a range of stunning inclusions to add to your luxury spa vibe; coloured light up drink coasters, mood lights, built-in aromatherapy dispenser, air blower and so many more! View pictures and learn more about the Bondi Deluxe Spa.

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For more spa tips and information on buying a portable spa, check out our Blogs and speak to our customer service team about buying your perfect spa in Brisbane or across Australia.

If you are searching spas for sale, or need some information on how to care for your spa parts including spa filters, spa pumps and any other information please contact our expert customer care team.

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