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Why People Are Choosing to Buy Hot Tubs Across Australia for Christmas!

Why Buy a Hot Tub In Australia

You might have a vision of hot tubs being for, well…being hot! And as you know, it is already hot across many places in Australia for much of the year round. So, a reasonable person may rightly ask, “Why buy a hot tub in Australia?”

The answer is simple…hot tubs don’t have to be hot. Many of our buyers choose to use their spas year round by opting to use them as a plunge pool in summer and a hot tub in winter. Genius right?! Not only do you get the benefits of massage jets and hydrotherapy year round, spas are also much cheaper to purchase and maintain than swimming pools and come with the added bonus of portability. Try moving an inground pool and tell me how far you get!

To find out more about why spas are better than swimming pools, check out our blog. You can also check out our wide range of affordable and luxury spas, here.

Buy a Spa for Christmas

If buying a spa is already on your Christmas wish list, here are some things to check before you purchase.

1 – Make sure you buy from a reputable seller such as Aqua Pulse Spas. Buying second hand might seem like an affordable option but comes with all the inherent risks of buying something from a seller who has no obligation to follow up sales care leaving you no recourse if something goes wrong. Aqua Pulse’s hot tubs for sale across Australia start at an extremely affordable price and come with both warranty and access to our expert customer service team.

2 – Contact us to check on wait times for delivery. There is no point spending time choosing your ideal spa if when you’re ready to buy we won’t be able to deliver in time for your event, present giving, staycation etc. We hate to disappoint so it is always best to call us and we’ll do our best to work within your timeline. We sell hot tubs across Australia, so whether you’re wanting to buy a spa in Perth, or Melbourne, or Queensland, we can help you out providing you give us a heads up!

3 – Have a think about where on your property you want your spa to be located. It needs to be close to a water and power source, somewhere preferably away from trees or anything that will drop leaves etc into the water, and somewhere you can access for easy spa maintenance. It also needs to be located somewhere you actually want to be. For example, your garage might be an idea spot in terms of maintenance but not somewhere you want to spend time. If heading out to use your spa isn’t an enjoyable experience, you’re unlikely to use it. We’ve got plenty of tips for making your home the ideal staycation spot! Click here to read our staycation blog.

4 – Next, consider what you want your spa for. There are many points to consider, for example whether it is primarily for relaxing, whether you need hydrotherapy benefits, etc. You might want a spa big enough for the entire family, or company, or one you can lie down in…there are many options to choose from.

Now you’re ready to choose your spa! And boy do we have some options for you…!

Buy a Spa

Aqua Pulse Spas has a wide range of spas available from two person up to seven seaters.

2 Person Spas

These spas are ideal for couples and provide a great relaxation space in any home. Simply pour a couple of glasses of wine or whatever your beverage of choice is, recline together and either cool down or warm up (depending on the weather!) and let the massage jets melt your stress away.

3 Person Spas

If you don’t have much space in and around your home, a three-person spa is the ideal solution. It’s compact and economical yet allows three people to comfortably relax and enjoy some spa time together.

4 Person Spas

Four person spas are an excellent choice for families, great for both plunge pools in summer and a warming, relaxing space in winter.

5 Person Spas

Five person spas are ideal for large families and groups of friends, and if parties are on your mind you can add inflatable bars and trays to really go to town!

6 Person Spas

Big enough for large groups and families but small enough to fit nicely in a domestic setting, a six-person spa is guaranteed to leave nobody feeling left out. This size works great in summer and winter, and is still easy to maintain.

7 Person Spas

The party size and also ideal for larger families! If you plan on throwing the best parties in the neighbourhood, a seven-person spa is the type to choose. Ideal as a plunge pool and winter retreat.

Aqua Pulse’s range of spas come in a variety of styles and colours with added and optional features such as mood lighting, aromatherapy dispensers, massage jets and more. To find out more about all our spas for sale, click here.

Here To Help

For more information on buying a hot tub in Australia, the health benefits of spas, and spa maintenance check out our Blogs and speak to our customer service. Our team can help you find your perfect spa.

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