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Find Out Why You Should Ditch the Pool Plan and Buy a Spa!

Spas vs Swimming Pools

I’m going to take a controversial stand here, and say that, given a chance to buy a spa or a swimming pool…you should buy a spa. My reasons are many and varied and once you’ve read this, I think you may well agree!

1 – Cost

The fanciest, most luxurious outdoor spa for sale with lights, fountains and massage jets galore is still cheaper than the cheapest in-ground swimming pool which has none of these things. For example, Aqua Pulse Spas for sale range in cost from $3,999 for a standard 4 person spa to an 8 person luxury model at $13,999. Add pool fencing, some pot plants and a cover etc, and you might spend an extra $1K to perfect your spa experience and staycation location but still not break the bank.

Conversely, to get an in-ground pool, whether it is concrete or fibre glass, you will be looking upwards of $30,000 to start off with, before any heating, chemicals, landscaping etc. And, if you want a fancier and larger model with glass fencing…you’re pushing more towards a spend of $60,000, closer to $80,000 if you want a mineral pool or similar. Ouch!

2 – Maintenance

Installation cost is the first big difference, but also time, cost and effort in maintenance is a big variant helping in your choice of whether to buy a spa or buy a swimming pool. Your swimming pool will need a variety of parts such as pump, scoop etc including regular testing and chemicals to make sure the water stays fresh. Of course, your hot tub needs a spa pump, spa filters and spa chemicals as well, but on a smaller and therefore cheaper scale. Hot tub maintenance takes around 10-30 minutes per week, depending on usage. You can also replace the water easily, every 2-3 months and give your tub a scrub.

Not only is emptying your swimming pool expensive and difficult, maintenance can also be costly and expensive and if you are time-poor, you may end up using a pool maintenance company. Again, which costs you…you’ve guessed it…MORE!

3 – Year-round use

Unless you have splashed out (pun intended) on a swimming pool with built in spa and heating, you won’t be able to use it year round. Yes, it is delightful in the summer months to cool off…but how much time do you actually get to spend in there? Buying a hot tub in Australia means you can use it with cool water in summer and hot water in winter, and a variety of temperatures in between so you can use it with comfort year round. And, if you can use it at any time of day or night!

4 – Swimming Pools don’t have Massage Jets

Enough said.

5 – Swimming Pools don’t move house when you do

So, you’ve spent your thousands on your pool and then you get a job where you have to move. Yes, swimming pools can add value to a home but often not as much as you have spent on them…believe it or not, not everyone wants to have to maintain a swimming pool. But…if you have to move, you can take your spa with you! And, if you can’t take your spa with you, you can easily sell it.

6 – Space. Swimming pools require a lot of space, unless you’re going to have a tiny one…in which case you should even more definitely buy a spa instead. If you live in a small home or would have to do large earthmoving to have a pool….buy a spa. Even if you live on acreage and could fit ten swimming pools in your place, why not plant some trees instead and choose to float in bubbly excellence underneath the stars in private.

Spas also let you keep your own space as you can only fit a certain number of people in them, so you won’t have to share as much. No more family members “popping over for a dip” and then using all your towels and dripping water all over your floor. Buy a spa, and those massage jets will be all yours!

7 – And finally, timeliness. If you buy a spa, you could be enjoying your first soak a week or so after your purchase. A swimming pool takes ages and causes noise and maybe dramas with your neighbours…and after it is installed, and you’ve forked over thousands upon thousands of dollars and you need a massage…I bet you’ll wish you’d bought a spa.

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