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Looking Where to Buy a Lazy Spa? Why Buy a Lazy Spa When You Can Buy an Epic Spa?!

Where To Buy a Lazy Spa

Lazy spas (that is, inflatable spas) are the latest craze in our post-lockdown world and yes, they have their place in cooler climates where they can be packed down and stored in cold months (i.e. when it is snowing and no amount of hot water in an inflatable hot tub is going to warm you up!) but lazy spas, despite the name are in fact anything but. So, before you look into where to buy a lazy spa, let’s run down just a few of the ways that real spas are better than lazy spas.

1 – Lazy? More like hard work!

Lazy spas need a lot of maintenance, in reality, considerably more maintenance than a real spa. Because a real spa has a hard shell rather than being inflatable plastic, it is more durable, easier to clean, and unlikely to split, leak or otherwise cause dramas. This is even more important when you are planning on using a spa on a deck or area near where spilt water will cause a real hazard.

Lazy spas are not designed to be used all year round like hard shell spas. As they’re inflatable, they were really created for use in cooler countries like the UK where they are dragged out of garages (along with BBQs) full of hope in June, and packed away in September when the kids go back to school, rather than warmer climates like Australia where you can use your spa all year around – either to warm you up in winter, or as a plunge pool to cool you down in summer.

The parts that come with lazy type spas are also less durable, so what may seem like an easy, lazy idea can end up costing you more in the long run – not only on replacement parts, but on time and effort contacting online companies to get replacements or things fixed. And if you get a puncture? Have fun trying to fix that while water leaks everywhere!

2 – You get what you pay for.

Yes, a lazy spa can seem like a great idea. Blow up and chill out, right? Um…not so fast. Not only will your spa last considerably less time – you can expect to receive around 5 -7 years of use out of an inflatable spa when compared to 20 plus years of use from a hard shell spa – but this type of spa is often not at all energy efficient. You’ll find out fast that it’s costly to keep this type of spa nice and hot, and it’s nearly impossible to do so in cold outdoor temperatures. In fact, when the mercury drops, the small heaters supplied with lazy spas may not even get the water past lukewarm.

As most people purchase their lazy spas online, you don’t even get the customer service you would get if you purchase from a reputable spa dealer such as Aqua Pulse Spas.

3 – Comfort and relaxation.

Most lazy spa models don’t come with seats, the bubbles that blow out are just cold air and are not as deep as you might imagine, or as large as they seem in photos. If you’re looking for a spa with lots of powerful jet streams and fancy massage jets, you need to look at a hard shell spa. Inflatable hot tubs do have quite a few air jets or bubblers lining the bottom but this type of jet won’t do much for relieving sore, tense muscles. Some of the more expensive inflatable hot tubs might have a couple of stronger massage jets installed. However, they’re usually spaced out so that there’s only one jet per person, and if you’re going for an expensive inflatable tub to get the “real spa” experience, you’d probably be better off just getting an affordable real spa to begin with.

Unlike real spas, inflatable spas don’t have moulded seats or platforms to sit on. Instead, you’re seated on the floor at ground level. This reduces comfort and it may be difficult for some to get in and out, especially as this type of spa doesn’t support hand rails.

4 – Expensive to run.

The bubbling action in lazy spas is powered by fans that blow outside air into the spa. This will cool the water down fast if the heater can’t keep up with the heat loss in cooler temperatures and the heater on lazy spas is small. Although the water capacity is limited it can still take a little while to heat up.

And, if you regularly have four or five people in your spa you’ll be replacing the water a lot more frequently to keep it clean. Frequent use can quickly overwhelm the undersized spa filters that come standard on inflatable hot tubs meaning you’ll need to change the water, clean your spa parts and the inflatable liner more frequently than with hard shell models.

Spa for Sale

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