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Transform Your Home into a Resort When You Buy a Hot Tub in Australia from Aqua Pulse Spas!

Buy A Hot Tub in Australia

With the continued threat of Covid 19 meaning our international and in some cases interstate borders will be shut for a while, now is the perfect time to transform your home into a resort. If your home becomes a perfect relaxation zone, then lack of holidays can be much less of a problem. One very simple way to do that is to treat yourself and buy a spa!

Hot tubs are one of the most popular places to be at most resorts. They’re relaxing, they’re fun and you can drink in them…what’s not to like? And, unlike resorts you won’t be sharing with strangers…or anyone at all if you don’t feel like sharing! With four person spas at Aqua Pulse priced from $3999 which is less than the price of a week’s holiday for two at some Australian resorts, let alone the total cost once travel and other costs are included, you could be holidaying at home every week for years, saving both money and reducing stress levels.

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Turn Your Backyard into a Resort

Stay-cations, otherwise known as holidays at home, have been increasing in popularity for years as a great way to relax whilst saving cash and enjoying our homes more. After all, who hasn’t saved up their leave time and cash to have a holiday only to have their hopes dashed? Either by a lockdown, or a hotel that wasn’t quite as advertised…or just by being even more tired when they got back than they were when they left?! Especially if you’re trying to holiday with kids…need I say more 😉

Buying a spa is one of the best ways to bring a relaxed, holiday vibe to your house for the perfect stay-cation, whether that’s every weekend, every evening or every so often. After all, one of the most vital things about holidays is how they allow us to unwind and de-stress from our busy lives. And, after the past year or so it’s more important than ever to take time to look after ourselves both physically and mentally. So why not start by booking in some time for the perfect staycation?

When you’re choosing your perfect outdoor spa for sale it is important to locate it in the right spot. Obviously, one of the lovely things about spas is that they’re portable, however there is nothing more annoying than finding out that the spot you thought was perfect is actually in a not so perfect spot and having to move your ready-to-go spa. Maybe it’s loud or not close enough to a power point…maybe it’s too close to your neighbours. Whatever potential issues may cloud your staycation, try to plan as though you’re looking through Booking.com and your search parameters are in your own backyard!

Once you’ve found the perfect spot for your new hot tub, it’s time to think about your staycation styling. Ideally when you’re having a relaxing soak you won’t be looking at overgrown foliage, broken down furniture or a plain wall, what we’re aiming for is a relaxed, secluded, holiday vibe. If your backyard is plain, you can source plenty of inexpensive garden decorations online and even pot plants, decorations for fencing or bamboo screening to filter out noise and neighbours. If your outdoor furniture has seen better days, you can give it a makeover with new cushions or a coat of paint, or treat yourself to some brand new holiday-ready furniture. Again, the idea here is to make yourself a haven so make sure whatever you do that you love it!

You could also to treat yourself and your holiday companions (if you’re feeling generous) to some huge new beach towels, fabulous flip flops or resort gear to wear to and from the spa. You can give yourself a mani pedi, or try one of these inexpensive and effective at home beauty treatments to really feel that staycation doing its job of relaxing you!

Whatever you choose to do for your staycation, buying a spa from Aqua Pulse Spas is the best way to start!

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