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Survive Winter In Style - Hot Tubs - Portable Spas Brisbane

With the cooler months ahead, at Aqua Pulse Spas we know the comfort and relaxation our hot tubs, spas can provide year round thanks to our inbuilt temperature control set and forget heating systems. Although our Queensland lifestyle provides a mostly tropical climate, the winter months ahead bring with them cooler nights that are perfect to relax in a portable spa from our extensive range. Our insulated covers keep the heat in, allowing you to leave them running during the day for a relaxing and therapeutic end to the day without costly heating bills due to the ability of the cover to maintain the heat in the spa when covered

For comfort moving from the spa back inside your home, many of our customers keep an outdoor gas patio heater close to the path location so there is no need to have the quick cold run from the spa to the warmth inside your home. Our portable spas are Australia’s number one choice in hot tubs for winter due to their durability and high quality features and ability to outperform the rest. Our hydrotherapy jets have the ability to pulsate variable warmth throughout the spa for a full deep tissue massage experience or gentle relaxation at the touch of a button. Enjoy this winter in style with a spa from Aqua Pulse Spas. Talk to Michael, Sharyn and the team today about delivery in your area, we have partnered with some of Australia’s leading transport companies to bring you affordable, reliable delivery so you can begin to enjoy your new spa with the best customer service by a mile. Call us today (07) 3208 4625, or visit our showroom at 2/3333 Pacific Highway, Slacks Creek.

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