Water Testing

Spa Water Testing - Chemical Maintenance Program Brisbane

At Aqua Pulse Spas we realise the importance of having your spa water in pristine clean condition year round and that’s why we offer water testing instore at our Slacks Creek showroom and obligation free advice on how to get your spa water back to perfection.

Due to regular use, body fluids or lotions on the skin of users as well as environmental factors can have an impact on the state of the water. With our complete range of spas we have an elite filtration system that eliminates small particles contaminating the water, though certain environmental factors can still impact on the condition of the water.

When your spa water is cloudy, has lost its usual sparkle or just isn’t clear anymore, it’s important to test the ph levels, alkalinity and chemical levels of the water. By bringing a sample of your water into our showroom, we can test it to ensure that the appropriate course of action is taken to stabilise the levels.

We only require a small sample so 50 – 100ml is more than enough for us to assess the situation and recommend the necessary products and maintenance plan to keep levels consistent. You can also shop online or visit our showroom is located at 2/3333 Pacific Highway, Slacks Creek, Qld, so visit us 7 days or call us on (07) 3208 4625 for all your spa needs.

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