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Why You Need Spa Chemicals to Keep Your Hot Tub Fresh and Clean

Spa Chemicals

Spa chemicals are an integral part of spa maintenance. Using spa chemicals in the right way protects you and your spa from all manners of things from simple dirt to harmful germs and algae and prevents skin and eye irritation. However, getting the chemical balance wrong in your spa water can be harmful to your health and damaging to your spa, so before you buy a spa make sure you familiarise yourself with this important part of spa maintenance.

Of course, if you buy a brand new portable spa from Aqua Pulse Spas, our expert customer service team will walk you through the process and are also available post-sales to help you out – particularly the first time you use any of these chemicals. Don’t worry if this all seems overwhelming at first, with a little practise you will soon become a pro! And, all these spa chemicals can be purchased from us in kit form so you can be sure you have everything you need to get started.

And, as always, a reminder to follow the instructions on the packaging and keep your spa chemicals in a safe place out of the reach of children and animals.

So, let’s get to know your spa chemicals.

This first list of spa chemicals below, describes chemicals which are designed to keep your water safe and fresh for you to use in your spa. You don’t want to have to empty your spa after every single use, so these spa chemicals make it possible for you to use your spa regularly and only have to completely empty the water every month or so – depending on frequency of use. Obviously if you use your spa every day we would recommend changing the water more frequently, and in situations where the water gets very dirty such as if you forget to use the cover and end up with a pile of leaves or one of the kids has an accident…then change the water immediately and clean your spa out thoroughly. But with normal use, the water in your spa when treated properly with chemicals can be used for up to a month – longer if you only use your spa on weekends. You can find out more about how to clean and maintain your spa in our helpful Blog section.

  • Blue Devil Four In One Pool Test Kit: A special testing kit, this allows you to test the levels of chlorine, pH, alkalinity and hardness in your spa water all one go. Once you know the levels, you can apply the right chemical mixture.
  • Hardness Raiser: The firmness of water isn’t something you would normally spend much time considering, however if you allow your spa water to become too soft it can become corrosive and damage your spa parts such as your spa filter, spa pump etc. Our hardness raiser prevents that from happening and keeps your water pressure just right.
  • PH Reducer: This does as the name describes and keeps your spa water’s pH levels at the right level, not too acidic but not too basic (alkaline) either.
  • Alkalinity Increaser: Low alkalinity will drive the pH level in your spa down, making the hot tub water more acidic. Using an alkalinity increaser will help you to balance the water levels and keep them just right. We love a bit of balance in our lives and it is even more important in our hot tubs!
  • Granular Chlorine: With our granular chlorine, you can sanitise your spa water quickly and easily preventing smells and dirty water. It is very important to read the label and ensure correct use with chlorine as it can easily irritate eyes and skin if you use too much.
  • Spa Shock: Spa Shock is a chemical mixture which breaks down waste components in your spa water that cause cloudy water and unpleasant smells. No-one likes a stinky spa!

The second list describes spa chemicals which are designed to keep your spa parts clean and working well. You will use these chemicals when you empty the water from your spa for a more thorough cleaning. We recommend doing this monthly to keep your spa in good working order.

Filter Cleaner and Degreaser: Filter cleaner and degreaser removes dirt, oil, small particles of debris and grease for a more efficient flow of clean water.

Spa and Pipe Flusha: This chemical cleaner cleans body fats and oils from the pipes of your hot tub.

You can find tips and advice on cleaning your hot tub in our Blog section and all the spa chemicals and cleaning chemical mixes can be purchased from our shop both online and instore.

Customer Service

For more spa chemicals tips and what to look for when you buy a spa, check out our Blogs and speak to our customer service team. In addition to spa chemicals, we also sell a range of spa accessories such as spa heaters and you can also buy spa steps.

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