Why Buying A Massage Spa For Sale Can Help Relieve Brain Fog And Other Symptoms Of Stress

Massage Spas and Brain Fog

Brain fog. One of the most irritating symptoms of stress, and one of the hardest to shift when we’re busy. It manifests as difficulty concentrating, staying alert and remembering simple things that you would usually have no trouble with. And always strikes when we need to be at our best! But, did you know that fighting brain fog and other symptoms of stress and anxiety can be as simple as getting into a hot tub?

Many of our clients say that their number one reason for purchasing a massage spa for sale is as a stress reliever. Not only does a therapeutic massage have almost as many benefits to your mind as it does to your physical body, it is also an easy way to manage stress from the comfort of your home.

Read on to find out why a massage spa for sale can help you unwind and fight brain fog and other symptoms of stress. And, to look into which Aqua Pulse massage spa for sale is right for you, click here.

Spa Stress Relievers

Many of us equate massage therapy with relaxing stiff muscles, unwinding knots, and relieving pain. Yes, this is all true, and those are very good reasons why our bodies need regular massages. But equally important are the mental health benefits to therapeutic massage, and we can gain these through regular massage in a massage spa for sale.

Here are just some of the benefits you gain through massage:

  • Relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress:

A relaxing soak in a hot tub can allow anxiety and stress to melt away. Add massage from hydrotherapy spa jets and these benefits are amplified. Situations we find stressful often make us anxious, sometimes to the point of over worrying. This can be anything from work, to children having issues at school, family, friends and so on and these worries can often pile on top of each other, meaning we get stuck in a seemingly never ending cycle of stress.

When your body is relaxed, you are more mentally alert. If your body is tense, it is drawing more heavily on your mental reserves to help it cope, which leads to brain fog and exhaustion. Get rid of that tension by having regular soaks in your massage spa and you can free up your mind to focus on other things.

If these stress levels continue, we produce extra stress hormones in the body that in turn cause physical and mental problems. One result is that your body remains in an ‘on alert’ state – which prevents our usual ability to relax after a hard day’s work, concentrate on simple tasks and even sleep. This is often described as the “flight response” and is very unpleasant, it can make us jittery and unable to settle to anything, sometimes it even affects our ability to breathe deeply as our chest muscles contract.

Regular massage therapy impedes the production of stress hormones and also counteracts their affect, shutting down this adrenaline-charged state in your body. Once the ‘flight’ response is alleviated, you can breathe more deeply and relax. Massage therapy is good for the soul as well as the body and while it won’t make your problems go away (wouldn’t that be nice!) it will help to relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress.

  • Improve quality and amount of sleep:

Massage therapy and soaking in a hot tub before bed improves sleep and the quality of your sleep. Being sleep deprived and/ or having poor quality sleep affects us mentally. A relaxing soak in a hot tub with hydrotherapy jets before bedtime can help you fall asleep faster and sleep longer and more deeply. The result is that you awake feeling both mentally and physically refreshed and doing this regularly encourages your body to recognise this as your “relax time”, which brings us onto…

  • Health and wellness routine:

Another benefit of massage which comes from a health and wellness routine of regular massages is that your body will get more used to being relaxed. You may not notice it in your first spa session, but after you’ve had a few you’ll find you are becoming more in tune with your body, how it responds to stress, and how it relaxes. Your body will start to tell you when it is time for a spa, and will relax more quickly each time you immerse yourself in your hot tub. To find out more about how you can incorporate an Aqua Pulse spa for sale into your wellness routine, click here.

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