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Post Workout Therapy - Buy Therapy Spa Brisbane & Gold Coast

Our range of therapy spas are the perfect way to wind down and restore after a workout. With our bodies being exerted during fitness and weight training, the hydrotherapy jets provide a weightless massaging flow of water that targets the areas most strained during physical activity. The gentle kneading action will allow the body to repair with the latest hydrotherapy technology enabling the body to rest while recalibrating.

With built in set and forget heating to gently stimulate blood flow enhancing the body’s own natural processes and healing ability, tired muscles and joints will respond at a faster rate than usual rate. The natural buoyancy of the water aids in helping to maintain balance and remove pressure otherwise present in non-water environments. Call us today to discuss the best Therapy, Fun, Family or Prestige Spa for you today on (07) 3208 4625, we deliver Australia wide.

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