Outdoor Spas for Sale Are Increasingly Popular For Their Multiple Health and Relaxation Benefits

Outdoor Spas for Sale

Outdoor spas are taking off in popularity as the social trend towards making your home your castle continues. Once mainly found in resorts or large homes, outdoor spas are now commonly used in a variety of locations from backyards to patios and alfrescos to decks to provide a place to unwind and relax after facing the increasing pressures we deal with on a daily basis. They work equally well in warm and cool climates, across all seasons and when you’re reviewing our outdoor spas for sale you’ll see that they offer benefits for everyone.

Whether you’re tired from dealing with lockdown, working from home with no social time, dealing with home school or all of the above, our outdoor spas for sale can offer multiple health and relaxation benefits to improve your life. Read on to find out more and click here to browse our outdoor spas for sale.

Spas Promote Relaxation

Relaxing in a spa is a wonderful way to unwind and de-stress both mind and body. The process of immersing your body and soaking in hot, bubbly water relaxes your muscles, which in turn releases tension and encourages your mind to relax. In this way, regular spa use can improve your mental well-being particularly if you find it hard to unwind after a long day.

Aqua Pulse Spas offers outdoor spas for sale which suit all relaxation needs from spas where two can completely lie down, to 4 person spas for sale right up to 7 seaters! So if you and your partner are both in need of some R&R, or even the kids and friends, our outdoor spas for sale provide a great space to relax, unwind and enjoy both social and alone time.

As well as helping you to relax, a spa before bedtime can help you sleep more deeply. Hot water unwinds tense muscles that can keep you awake and raises your body temperature preparing you for deep relaxation, promoting deeper sleep. Many people suffering from tension related insomnia have noticed improved sleep after regularly using a spa before bedtime, thanks to the aforementioned effects of increased body temperature, which in turn lead to improved blood flow and enhanced relaxation.

Some of our outdoor spas for sale come with built-in aromatherapy diffusers, adding to their effectiveness for relaxation. If you would like to find out more about our spas for sale across Brisbane and Australia, click here.

Spas Help You Detox

The warm water and steam released in spas opens up your pores and helps your body to detox. By opening your pores, you enable your skin to efficiently flush out the various dirt and toxins the result is a refreshed feeling with potentially clearer skin. Hot water for detoxing has been widely used since Roman times, and is a lovely natural way to promote a fresh glow.

To retain these benefits, give your face a splash with cold water once you exit your spa, and treat your skin from tip to toe by applying a soothing moisturiser and/ or oil which suits your skin type.

More Spa Health Benefits

Spas can also naturally relieve the symptoms of a range of ailments from headaches to colds and arthritis. Of course, always check with your doctor prior to using a spa if you have any health concerns.

Relieve Headaches: Spas encourage blood vessels to dilate and muscles to relax. By dilating the blood vessels, a soak in a spa can decrease pressure in your head which can minimise and relieve headaches while general relaxation and warmth continue the process. If you suffer from headaches caused by sinus pain, stress or tight muscles then a regular soak in a warm spa bath may help and reduce the need for pain relief.

Relieve Arthritis Pain: The heat and massage jets in a warm spa improve blood flow and helps to relax the tissues around arthritic joints, which can reduce stiffness and inflammation and enable gentle stretching in a non-weight-bearing environment. For those with arthritis, spending time in the spa will typically provide some much-needed relief which is why hydrotherapy is so popular to treat this chronic condition.

Spas Relieve Congestion: Steam inhalation is one of the most widely used natural home remedies to soothe and open the nasal passages and get relief from the symptoms of sinus pain caused by congestion. While inhaling steam won’t cure an infection or virus, such as a cold or the flu, it can help to make you feel better while your body fights it off and will definitely help you to breathe easier. This is especially helpful before bed, if you are struggling with a blocked nose and stuffy feelings. It will also help to soothe any aches and pains caused by illnesses of this type.

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