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Get Your Hot Tub Party Checklist Ready For When You Buy An Outdoor Spa For Sale This Summer!

Hot Tub Party Checklist

If you’re checking out our outdoor spas for sale and thinking…if I buy one of those I will be the ruler of all things party…you are not wrong. Spas and summer go together like salsa and chips, beer and pretzels, champagne and strawberries. They are just meant to be. From two person spas up to luxury seven seaters, our spas for sale put the “pa” in party! And, to help you kick your next spa party into the realm of awesome, we’ve put together a hot tub party checklist to ensure your next party is perfection!

1 – Beverages and food

Obviously any type of party needs beverages and food and while most Australians bring their own drinks, you can lift your party game by offering punch and snacks as well as an awesome Aussie BBQ. We don’t suggest eating your BBQ food in the spa as a dropped sausage and bread can cause all types of drama for your spa filters, and a clogged pump can stop a party in its tracks. However, drinks and snacks can be safely enjoyed in your spa with a few clever options.

Firstly, Aqua Pulse sells two types of inflatable bar! Keep your drinks cool and your snacks dry in these bad boys and all your splash worries are over. We also sell two types of clip on tray if the inflatable option isn’t for you, or you want each party guest to have their own tray. And hey, you don’t have to only use them for snacks…spa poker anyone?!

2 – Tunes

Music makes or breaks a party and for a spa party you want something you can both enjoy and chill to. You also want to be able to have your sounds close enough to hear if you’ve got your massage jets turned on full blast, so why not grab a waterproof, floating speaker like this lovely little number from Sunny Life?! Honestly, technology, ain’t it grand! Bluetooth your favourite tunes, or even group call your mates who couldn’t make the party! This speaker even offers mood lighting, which brings us on to…

3 – Mood lighting

If your party is happening after dark, make sure you light up the occasion with some stunning mood lighting. While many of our hot tubs for sale come with mood lighting included, (some models even have light up drink holders!), you can also purchase separate waterproof lights for your spa as either submergible or floating lights. And, with the range of affordable outdoor lights now in the market you can go for strings of fairy lights, colour projectors onto trees or your home, rotating disco lights…the choices are endless!

4 – Party wear

Your hot tub party list has got to have a “dress to impress” item. From swimwear to sarongs, shorts to sandals, as host you have got to be looking good. Ideally you want to be able to accomplish an effortless looking tub to table switch, whilst many other unprepared party-goers fail at the first hurdle. Think swimmers that don’t slip, hair that doesn’t drip, makeup that doesn’t slip and beach wear style loose yet fashionable clothing to go over the top of your ensemble when you’re out of the water.

Footwear is also vital here. Many a backyard party in Australia has been utterly ruined by the humble bindi. Either you end up with a foot full, or someone tracks them into the spa for some nice needle points to find your soft bits. Protect your feet with a comfy yet stylish pair of flip flops or sandals and ask all your guests to use a mat on the way in and out of the spa.

5 – Spa mats

This really isn’t a fun part of your hot tub party list, but a spa mat is an essential part of your party setup. You really don’t want to spend your post-party time fishing lawn and other bit of detritus out of your spa. Your spa filters can deal with a lot, but providing a mat for guests to step on and towels to wipe wet feet on before putting shoes back on can save you a lot of time and effort, and potentially cash if you end up having to change your filters or something gets stuck in your pump.

6 – Decorations

And finally, decorate your party space with the spa as the main feature. You can add some fun resort-style decorations like flamingos, palm trees in pots, bamboo screens and more, or keep it simple with some bar style tables and seating, and battery operated candles on all your tables and surfaces. Whatever your style, we’re sure your spa party will be hard to beat!

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