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Keeping Both You and Your Spa Filters Healthy This Winter

Wherever you live in Australia, we’re all prone to coughs and colds as the weather changes in the cooler months. This particular season we’re also trying to avoid Covid as well as the usual nasties, so you’ll know that it is more important than ever to keep your immune system functioning as well as possible.

Your spa filters function like the immune system of your hot tub. Keep them healthy and the ecosystem of your spa will flourish. Allow them to clog and you’ll be dealing with a hot tub with a dose of the winter germs. Help your spa help you this winter, by keeping it clean and healthy.

Cleaning Your Spa Filters

Every week or so, you should remove and check your spa filters. If they are in good condition but clogged or dirty, give them a good clean. If they are at all damaged, replace them. Spa filters are one of the most crucial parts of your spa as they remove anything in the water that can affect the water’s quality. So, if you allow your spa filters to become dirty or clogged, they cannot effectively filter water. This leads to issues like dirty/ oily water, floating particles and bacteria growth which can result in a broken hot tub if the water is excessively dirty and overworks the spa pump or clogs the pipes. It can also cause health problems for you if you’re soaking in dirty water. I liken it to having a cold. You can’t breathe properly if your nose is blocked up, and your spa water can’t breathe if the spa filters are blocked up.

To keep your spa in first rate condition, your spa filters should be rinsed every week and you should also do a more thorough clean every month or more often as needed (depending on how often you use your spa). A deep clean involves removing the filter and using a spa filter cleaning solution to remove built-up dirt and grime that requires more than a rinse. Before you remove your spa filters, check your owner’s manual for the right way to do so. Your manual will tell you your filter’s location along with directions for safe removal and how to clean your spa filters. You can also contact our expert customer care team for more information. Your manual is an important guide for spa health and will help you maintain all your spa parts including your pump. As always, if you have any questions, please contact the customer care team at Aqua Pulse Spas.

Using Your Hot Tub to Promote Winter Health

Keeping your spa in tip top condition can also help to keep you that way too this winter. Soaking in a spa comes with a wide range of health benefits, particularly in winter.

1 – Steam: Having a blocked nose or headache from a cold is extremely unpleasant. One of the best ways to relieve symptoms is to have a soak in a steamy spa bath. Not only does the steam aid in the relief of dry, blocked sinuses, it also alleviates pain.

2 – Massage: Again, winter can cause sore or stiff muscles due to cold weather. Allowing tired and stiff muscles to unwind in a hot tub is a guaranteed way to reduce pain and promote freedom of movement. The massage jets on your back, neck and shoulders are perfect to relieve mild symptoms of pain.

3 – Boost circulation: Warm bubbly water and massage jets encourage the blood flow to move around your body and the weightlessness of floating allows for increased circulation.

4 – De-stress: Shorter days and longer nights can cause some stress by themselves, added to which is the feeling that it is a long time until the next public holiday! Turn your home into a holiday destination by buying a spa and you can relax and unwind after work, the gym, a long winter walk…anything. Float and forget!

5 – Promote better sleep: With the reduction in stress reactions that a spa can offer come the benefits of getting a better night sleep. A soak in your hot tub before bed helps to calm the fight or flight response we experience in our busy lives and turns on the happy hormones instead. Allow your body to move into deep relaxation with the aid of warm bubbly water, massage jets and a sensation of weightlessness. Mmmmm, sleepy already!

As always, before you buy a spa or begin a health routine, if you have any health concerns, please speak to your doctor.

Customer Service for Spa Filters

If you are looking to buy a spa, or need some information on how to care for your spa parts and any other information please contact our expert customer care team.

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