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How To Prep Your Spa Filters for Winter!

Winter has definitively arrived across Australia and that means it is time to prepare your hot tub for lots of use! If you haven’t been using your spa much over the summer months then it is especially important to make sure it is clean and primed for use before you hop in. Nothing ruins a relaxing soak like clogged spa filters or spa parts that need to be fixed, so make sure everything is in good working order before you take to the bubbles! Remember, if you commit to a few minutes of spa maintenance every week you will avoid the need for massive maintenance down the line.

Even if you have purchased a brand new hot tub for the winter, having a maintenance plan in place before use is a good idea. Luckily, a few easy steps from our handy guide will help you get your spa all ready for the cooler months ahead.

Step One:

If your spa has a cover, take it off, lay it down on a hard surface such as your driveaway or deck and give it a good clean with a brush and a gentle soap. Choose a soap which will remove mould, germs and dirt but that is gentle enough not to scar or mark the cover such as washing up liquid. Pay close attention to the corners where dirt and bacteria can gather. If you find that gentle soap isn’t getting rid of anything particularly persistent then try a mould remover but use it sparingly and make sure you don’t scrub too hard or leave it on for too long. When you’ve finished cleaning, hose the cover off thoroughly until the water runs clear and then leave it to dry.

Step Two:

Make sure your spa is turned off and then completely empty the water. Even though it is treated, spa water needs to be emptied and replaced every three or four months. The start of the winter season is a good time to do this, particularly if your spa hasn’t been used often. Once your spa is completely empty, move to step three.

Step Three:

Remove and check your spa filters. If they are in good condition but dirty, clean your spa filters. If they are at all damaged, replace them. Spa filters are one of the most critical parts of a hot tub as they remove any contaminants in the water that may affect the water’s quality. So, if you allow your spa filters to become dirty with a lot of buildup, they cannot effectively filter water. This leads to issues like dirty/ oily water, floating particles and bacteria growth which can result in a broken hot tub if the water is excessively dirty and overworks the spa pumps or clogs the pipes.

To keep your spa in tip top condition, spa filters should be rinsed every week and you should also do a more thorough clean every month or more often as needed (depending on how often you use your spa). A deep clean involves removing the filter and using a spa filter cleaning solution to remove built-up dirt and grime that requires more than a rinse. Before you remove spa filters, check your owner’s manual for the correct procedure. It will tell you your filter’s location along with directions for safe removal and how to clean your spa filters. You can also contact our expert customer care team for more information.

Once your spa filters are clean, set them aside and move on to step four.

Step Four:

Clean your hot tub. Just like you would a bath, and remember to hose out any remaining dirt and cleaning agents. Pay special attention to your spa parts and ensure all are clean and nothing looks out of place. Once your tub is sparkling, replace your spa filters and move to step five.

Step Five:

Refill your spa with clean water and check your owners manual for what chemicals you need to add while you are filling. The chemical balance of your water is important. Your owners manual will give you details on how to look after the chemical balance of your spa water, and you can also contact our expert customer care team for advice on product choice and use.

Step Six:

Once you’ve filled the spa, turn it on and start it up following your manufacturer’s directions. Check your spa pump is working correctly and that all your spa parts are functioning as they should. If you have any doubt, call our customer care team.

Step Seven:

Once you have balanced your water chemicals and waited the recommended time (again, check your manual and the instructions on your chemicals)…it’s time to spa and you’ve earned it! As always, if you have any questions about buying a spa, or spa maintenance, contact our expert customer care team.

Customer Service for Spa FiltersIf you are looking to buy a spa, or need some information on how to care for your spa parts and any other information please contact our expert customer care team.

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