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Spa Foundations - What To Consider When Buying A New Portable Spa?

Your portable spa from Aqua Pulse Spas needs a good solid foundation supporting the entire base of the spa. The foundation on which your spa is positioned must be able to support the weight of the spa once at capacity with the required water level, and also take into consideration the weight of users. If the foundation is inadequate, uneven, or unable to hold the maximum weight, the spa may shift, this will cause stress to the shell which may lead to the moulded shell of the spa cracking, which will eventually form leaks and possibly render the spa unusable. Damage caused by an inadequate or improper foundation is not covered under warranty with our spas, so it is extremely important to consider the location your intend to place the spa prior to purchase.

A spa containing both water and people is extremely heavy, so if you plan to have it installed onto decking, a balcony or any other elevated structure it is critical that you consult a structural engineer to ensure that the area will support the total maximum weight of the spa.

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