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Why Buy a Second-Hand Spa For Sale When You Can Own One Brand New from $5,499?

If you’re looking at spas for sale and price is your main consideration, you might be tempted to look on private purchasing sites such as Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace or Ebay to buy a second-hand spa, rather than buying brand new from a spa dealer such as Aqua Pulse Spas. However, as with anything, buying electrical products second hand rather than brand new isn’t always a great idea and the amount you need to spend on your “cheap” purchase can easily climb as the list below shows.


The main reason people buy second-hand spas for sale as opposed to brand new is that the starting price is lower. However, this doesn’t reflect the potential hidden costs of buying second-hand. When buying a second-hand spa for sale, you have no guarantee that the spa will work as promised, no follow up care and no customer service if things go wrong down the track. If you do buy second-hand then make sure you look over the spa carefully. If anything on the spa for sale such as the filter is torn or worn out, you need to take into account that you will have to replace it. And the condition of the filter will give you an insight on how the spa has been cared for by its previous owner/s. If the filter on any spa for sale is extremely dirty or in generally poor condition, the maintenance and upkeep may have been inadequate.

Make sure you ask to check the spa when it’s on. When it’s in use, the spa should make a low humming sound. If you hear any other sound than a hum, that’s a good indication that the pump is on its way out, which can also be expensive to replace. You’ll also need to check the seals, the thermostat and look under the cabinet for dripping water or puddles and check the motors for calcium stains or evidence of prior leaks.

If you do notice any of the above, you’ll need to get an estimate as to how much it will cost to fix them before going through with the purchase. If there are significant repairs to be made, you might find that buying a new spa for sale will cost you less than having to fix a second-hand spa.

Remember, if you buy a brand spa for sale new from a reputable brand such as Aqua Pulse Spas then not only can you count on an expert team to help you with installation and maintenance but we also have customer care available seven days a week. And, if the upfront price is an issue not only do Aqua Pulse Spas for sale start at a very affordable $2,999 currently, they also offer finance options with fortnightly payments.


With purchase of a brand new spa for sale from Aqua Pulse Spas, our expert delivery and customer service teams will help ensure that installing your spa is a seamless process from helping you decide the best location for it on your property, to how to use all equipment, how to fill your new spa, keep it clean, use it safely and tips on how to save on power bills. When buying a second-hand spa for sale you run the risk of receiving bad installation advice from the seller, with no recourse if something goes wrong during the installation process. You’ve also got to factor in the unsupported cost and hassle of pick up and delivery to your purchase and unless you can find a company that specialises in delivering spas, you might find the minimal savings on purchasing second-hand are outweighed here.


Buying a brand new spa for sale guarantees that the spa is in perfect condition making ongoing maintenance much easier. Buying a second-hand spa for sale from a private seller in no way guarantees that the spa has been maintained correctly. And, if something goes wrong with part of the spa, such as the power pump, seals, jets or filtration you have no recourse and you’ll be wearing a big cost for something that was intended to have cost less than brand new. However, when you buy a new spa from a specialist company such as ours, you have access to a customer care team which is available seven days a week to answer any and all maintenance questions – something which isn’t on offer with a second-hand purchase.


This is a huge reason to buy a new spa for sale rather than a second-hand one. When you buy a second-hand item from anyone or anywhere, no matter how near-new it is or appears to be, the fact is that it has been used before and might not have been kept to your required standards. When buying a second-hand spa for sale you’re really going to want to replace a lot of things such as the cartridge filter, to ensure cleanliness and hygiene which will add to the overall price.


If you buy a second-hand spa for sale or any electrical item second-hand, it’s vital to get it checked by a qualified electrician. Faulty electrical equipment in and around your home can cause injuries and even fatalities. Always better to be safe than sorry.


Buying something brand new, automatically means it is going to last for longer. And when you buy a dream item such as a spa, you want it to last for as long as possible!

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