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In Desperate Need of Some “Me” Time? See Why So Many Are Choosing to Buy a Hot Tub in Australia!

Why Buy a Hot Tub In Australia

You know…times are tough. The pandemic is still loitering around, kicking us when we’re down, uncertainty in jobs and school is rife, and it is hard to get excited about things when you’re worried plans will be cancelled. One way we’ve all been coping when leaving the house isn’t an option is to turn our homes into our retreats. Whether a retreat for you means a big TV, or a comfy chair to curl up in, a hammock or a new outdoor setting, or all of the above…it is important that home is a place we enjoy spending time. In fact, many of our customers say that their choice to buy a hot tub in Australia is a direct result of the pandemic, particularly when they’ve been reluctant to plan holidays or even weekend getaways, so they’ve decided to make every weekend a “staycation’!

Well, the good news is that not only do spas turn your home into a holiday retreat, they also have great mental and physical health benefits! So, if you’re looking to buy a hot tub in Australia give the team at Aqua Pulse Spas a call. Not only do we have a great selection to suit all spaces and budgets, our range also comes in a variety of styles and colours with added and optional features such as mood lighting, aromatherapy dispensers, massage jets and more. To find out more about which hot tub for sale is right for you, click here.

Spa “Me” Time

Something which any health care professional will tell you, is that we as a nation are increasingly stressed out, leaving us unable to relax and unwind. Whether this is due to work, personal stresses or the state of the world, being stressed affects us mentally as well as physically and the symptoms of stress can range from poor digestion to sleeplessness, anxiety, aches and pain from tight muscles to headaches and poor immunity.

Adding a regular spa treatment to your week as an important part of your “me” time, is a great way to help manage stress, especially if like most of us you are time poor. A soak in a spa is a quick and effective way to unwind and de-stress both your mind and your body. The process of immersing your body and soaking in warm, foamy water relaxes your muscles, which in turn enables the release of tension and which encourages your mind to relax. It’s like tricking your brain, as the physical act of unwinding your muscles sends signals to your stress hormones that they can chill, and your happy hormones can take the lead for a while. If you suffer from stress and anxiety, regular spa use can improve your mental well-being particularly if you find it hard to unwind after a long day.

As well as encouraging relaxation bodily and mentally, a spa before bedtime can help you sleep more deeply. Soaking in warm water unwinds tense muscles that can cause discomfort and also raises your body temperature which prepares you for deep relaxation, promoting a deeper sleep. Many of our customers who have previously been suffering from tension related insomnia have reported improved sleep after regularly using a spa before bedtime, thanks to the aforementioned effects of increased body temperature, which in turn lead to improved blood flow and enhanced relaxation. Also simply setting aside time for you to have a spa, whether it’s a short 15 minute soak or a longer session, gives your body and mind time to refresh and reset after a hard day.


Spas can also naturally relieve the symptoms of a range of ailments from headaches to colds and arthritis. Of course, always check with your doctor prior to using a spa if you have any health concerns. For example, if you suffer from headaches, a spa can help relieve symptoms by encouraging your blood vessels to dilate and your muscles to relax. By dilating the blood vessels, a soak in a spa can decrease pressure in your head which can minimise and relieve headaches while general relaxation and warmth continue the process. If you suffer from headaches caused by sinus pain, stress or tight muscles then a regular soak in a warm spa bath may help and reduce the need for pain relief. Steam inhalation in a spa is one of the most widely used natural home remedies to soothe and open the nasal passages and get relief from the symptoms of sinus pain caused by congestion. While inhaling steam won’t cure a respiratory illness or allergies, such as a cold or the flu or hay fever, it can help to make you feel better while your body fights it off and will definitely help you to breathe easier. This is especially helpful before bed, if you are struggling with a blocked nose and stuffy sinuses. It will also help to soothe any aches and pains caused by illnesses of this type.

Here To Help

For more information on buying a hot tub in Australia, as well as the health benefits of spas, and tips and advice on spa maintenance check out our Blogs and speak to our customer service. Our team can help you find your perfect spa and are on hand to assist with any queries you may have.

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