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Plunge Pool, Massage Therapy, Chill Zone…Turn Your Home Into A Resort When You Buy a Hot Tub in Australia!

Buying Hot Tubs in Australia

With more of us spending our recreation time at home than any other point in the past decade, it is no surprise that hot tub sales have increased accordingly. As a nation of outdoor dwellers, from Tassie to Queensland, up to the Northern Territory and across to Western Australia, the numbers of people looking to buy hot tubs in Australia is rising consistently.

We’re also living in smaller spaces than ever before, so it makes sense that we’re turning to lifestyle items which fit our lifestyle and homes; choosing plunge pools and spas instead of large inground pools, and wanting flexible, smart and adaptable options in our purchases.

One of the reasons buying a hot tub has become so popular, particularly in urban areas, is that spas are now so much more than a literal “hot tub”. Spas are plunge pools in summer, massage centres, spaces to chill out solo or catch up with friends and family and available, in your own home at any time! And, unlike expensive inground pools, they are affordable, moveable, easy to maintain and suitable for pretty much all outdoor areas including strong decks, balconies and bijou backyards.

For more on why buying a hot tub in Australia is for you, read on!

Massage Therapy

The majority of us, from office workers to construction, beauty therapists and pretty much anyone in the workforce, could use a weekly massage. Whether you have tight neck muscles, a sore back, painful hips or aching feet, relaxing in warm, bubbly water is just the ticket to deal with a tough day. Add massage to that mix and you’ve got a sure fire way to unwind and take care of aches and pains.

Spas are also a great purchase for tired in-home workers, especially exhausted parents and carers, and a lovely luxury to enjoy for anyone who needs some TLC.

Massage is a vital tool in the never ending fight against stress, whether it is from busy working lives or the threat of covid and other things outside of our control. It is incredibly important that we all find time for ourselves to unwind and relax, and a massage in your own home is a great way to do this. As well as helping with aches and pains, massage also releases “feel good” hormones, promotes good sleep and a general feeling of wellbeing.

Our massage spas are easy to use and maintain and come with a wide range of options. You can set the temperature in your spa for your perfect soak, and many of our models also come with smart technology meaning you can set your spa from work, ready for you to ease into when you get home! We also offer models with inbuilt aromatherapy diffusers, adjustable shoulder as well as back and feet jets and many more hot tubs for sale here. So much to choose from, you’re bound to find your perfect hot tub.

To read more about buying a hot tub, check out our Blogs and speak to our customer service team about how to find the perfect spa for you.

Chill Zone

Time to chill out solo or with friends and family is also vital in our increasingly busy lives. Whether you’re working from home, on your feet all day in retail and hospitality, lifting and running in the caring professions, building, chopping or sitting…chances are you finish your day exhausted and in need of some R&R.

This is why hot tubs were created! There is nothing more guaranteed to help you chill than immersing yourself in warm bubbly water. And, if you need to literally chill, then you can turn off the heater and cool down in comfort, with a refreshing beverage in hand.

Our spas come from two seaters right up to seven seaters, meaning they’re perfect for solo chilling, couples relaxation time, right up to parties and large families! We also have inflatable bars, seats and pillows allowing for comfort and easy reach beverages and snacks. And, many of our spa options include mood lighting, aromatherapy diffusers and even light up drink holders, providing top of the range resort living, in your own home. Now THAT’S relaxing!

To check out our hot tubs for sale, click here.

Buy a Hot Tub

The Aqua Pulse Spas team are the experts in affordable and luxury spas and sell hot tubs across Australia. If you are keen to learn more about buying a hot tub from us in Australia, or need some information on how to care for your spa and spa parts including spa filters, or if we can help provide any other information please contact our expert customer care team.

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