KL8-3H touchpad controller

KL8-3H touchpad controller

RRP: $349

Replacement KL8-3 Keypad touchpad

SKU: 124972

Replacement KL8-3H touchpad controller for the models of Aqua Pulse Spas they fit Airlie Spa, Trinity Deluxe Spa, Botany Classic Spa, Portsea Spa, Lorne Spa, Miami Spa, Coral Spa and Shelly Spa. KL8-3H Keypad Controller therefore suits a KL8-3 Control Box.

Deluxe panel is Complete with Error Diagnostic and Spa Genie interface for Troubleshooting, Maintenance and complete error handling for your spa control system

Width 206mm Height 99mm
Cut out dimensions 190mm x 83mm

Aqua Pulse Spas will not be liable for damage or injury caused by incorrect installation, incorrect replacement or unlicensed persons installing any parts. All electrical spare parts must only be used for the exact replacement.