A dark, dimly lit spa can be less relaxing and more a scene from funny CCTV footage of you missing a step and falling into the water. Skip the laughs and jet on through to pure relaxation by simply upgrading your set up with some spa lights. 

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Aqua Pulse Spas offers one of the best led spa lights that illuminate your space without leaving your wallet feeling light. Set the mood and never skip that step with a pair of 4 pin LED lights that be be fitted underwater and make every dip a bright one. 

What Types of Spa Lights Are Available at APS?

At Aqua Pulse Spas we stock underwater 4 pine LED lights that can be placed underwater. These bright lights are perfect for even the smallest spas thanks to their powerful beams that diffuse well in the water.  

What Is the Difference Between LED and Halogen Spa Lights?

LED lights use light-emitting diodes and can last up to 5x longer than traditional halogen bulbs. Additionally, LED lighting is more energy efficient with a much lower power consumption than halogen bulbs.

By comparison, while halogen bulbs provide brighter and more powerful illumination, they are also more likely to fail sooner, require higher replacement levels, and release significantly more heat than LED lights.

Ultimately, both LED, and halogen lights can be ideal for spa or hot tub illumination depending on individual needs and preferences; however, it is undeniable that LED lighting offers superior longevity, efficiency, and safety when compared with halogen options.

How Do I Install Spa Lights?

To get started, you'll need to purchase a suitable installation kit that contains the parts and tools you'll need, such as sealant, waterproofing tape and wire connectors.

Ensure the power supply is turned off and wires safely secured away from the water's edge. You must then decide whether to use the direct wiring method or install power transformers inside your spa.

If opting for direct wiring, it is vital to ensure all visible wires are affixed properly with waterproof seals to prevent moisture from seeping in. 

Once everything is securely connected, simply plug the light cord from your light fixture into a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) device and test for correct operation before turning it on.

If you need more clarification about installing underwater lights, these steps are best left to experienced professionals so you don't have a leaky spa!

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