4 Person Spas

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4 Adults1.9m x 1.7m x 0.76m
4 Adults1.9m x 1.7m x 0.76m

Whether you’re looking for a great way to entertain guests or to keep the kids cool, a 4-person spa gets the job done in the most sumptuous of ways. If you're looking for a luxurious way to relax, nothing beats a 4-person spa. Whether you're sharing with friends or enjoying some alone time, a 4-person spa is the perfect way to unwind. 

With plenty of room to stretch out, a 4-person spa is ideal for soaking up the sun or simply enjoying the view. And of course, there's nothing quite like sinking into a warm bubbly spa after a long day. If you're looking for the ultimate in relaxation, a 4-person spa is the perfect choice.

What is the cost of a 4-person spa?

If you're looking for a 4-person spa, you'll be happy to know that there are a lot of choices out there regarding price. In fact, you can find some great 4-person spa baths for under $5000. Of course, the exact price of each spa will depend on the features and quality of the spa, but you can definitely find something that's both affordable and high-quality. So, if you're looking to relax and unwind with a group of friends or family, don't let the price tag scare you away from a 4-person spa bath. 

For how much use you can get out of a 4-person spa bath, the entertainment options it provides, and the prospect of spending your summers in a jet massaged bliss, these spas really are a great buy.

How big is a 4-person spa?

The most common shape for a 4-person spa is a square and for the majority of these baths, they come in at 1.8 metres in length and 1.8 metres in width with a depth of just under a metre.

4-person spa baths do require more consideration of space than say their smaller 2-person counterparts, but the extra room in the tub afforded by that extra space outside is well worth it. The internal water capacity of our 4-person spas is 1000 litres and with the aid of a hardcover, the heated water can be kept warm for a lot longer

A consideration to make for 4-person spas is the difference between permanently installed models and those that are plug-and-play. We have some great plug-and-play 4-person models available at Aqua Pulse such as the Coral Classic Spa including Premium Inclusions

What features should I look for in a 4-person spa?

There are many features to choose from in a 4-person spa but there are a few top things to look for.

The first is the number of jets available. Are they screw-in or clip-in jets? Generally, the clip-in jets are the cheaper option and the screw-in jets will have a better lifespan.

The next is whether the spa has quality insulation or not. This will go a long way towards keeping the heat in the spa and actually can save you money in the long run due to the reduced need to reheat the spa.