Your Guide To Spa Parts From Spa Steps To Filters, Blowers, Heaters And More

Your Guide To Spa Parts From Spa Steps To Filters, Blowers, Heaters And More

Spa Parts

If you’re looking to purchase a spa, or already own a spa and need some help with your spa parts then Aqua Pulse is the perfect one stop shop for you! We have everything from add-ons like spa steps, handrails and lights to filters, heater elements and more. And, most importantly, our expert customer service team is on hand to make sure you get the right advice and help to ensure your spa experience is always awesome! Read on to find out more about specific spa parts.

Spa Steps, Handrails and Lights

Spa steps, handrails and lights are not strictly speaking essential spa parts in that they make your spa run, but they are important parts in using your spa safely.

Spa Steps: As spas are by necessity deep to allow for sitting comfortably, you need spa steps to allow you to get in and out safely. You can either build these in, such as with decking or tiled steps so that you have your spa enclosed, or you can purchase some spa steps such as these from us at Aqua Pulse Spas. Make sure when you buy spa steps that they are sturdy and non-slip as you don’t want them to topple or become slippery when you’re getting in and out of your spa.

Handrails: Aqua Pulse Spas also has handrails available for purchase. Again, you can choose to have handrails built in as part of your spa, or purchase an add-on handrail such as ours which comes with lights. Handrails also help you safely enter and exit your spa.

Lights: Lights are good for ambience i.e. mood lighting, but they’re also vital for safety, especially at night. We recommend lights in and around your spa so you can enter and exit safely (and find things like glasses if they drop off in the spa!). Aqua Pulse Spas has plenty of lights in stock and we’re sure to have some that suit the style of your spa.

Spa Parts

Spa Pump: Spa pumps, as the name implies, pump the water in your spa system. These are a vital component of your spa and will sometimes need replacing through wear and tear, especially if you use your spa often. We stock all varieties of pumps and pump parts including pump and air blower barrel unions, pump motor capacitors, pump impellers and everything else you could need to keep your pump running smoothly. We can also advise on how to maintain your pump.

Cartridge Filters: The cartridge filters in your spa filter particles from the water and traps them so they can be removed. Cartridge filters can be composed of a number of materials. Aqua Pulse Spas stock many cartridge filter styles – from hot springs to skinny fine thread to universal – and are sure to have the right one for your filter. We can also advise on how to remove old cartridges and fit new ones, as well as how to clean your filters.

Heater Elements: As with kettles and ovens, your spa heater won’t function without the essential element that turns electrical energy into heat. We have a wide range of heater elements in stock and our expert customer service team can help you find the right one for your spa model.

Blowers: A spa blower is the spa part which creates air bubbles in the water. A blower is composed of an air pump which is attached to a fan. It forces air through a length of piping and into the spa resulting in refreshing bubbles being blown into the water. When you’re craving some bubbles in your hot tub, you can count on our range of blowers and bubblers from some of the best brands on the market. Not to be confused with the water jets that create the intense massaging effect that hot tubs are known for, which leads us on to…

Jets: No doubt you’re familiar with the jet action of your spa and its soothing, massaging effect. But jets are somewhat complicated pieces of machinery with three major parts: one for the water, one for the air and one to mix them. If you need a jet or a jet part replaced, we have a vast range of spa jets and spa jet components perfect for your spa.

Spa Parts Customer Service

For more information check out our Blogs and speak to our customer service. Our team can provide great information on how to care for your spa parts, and what spa is right for you.

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