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Why Use Spa Shock? - Spa Shock For Your Portable Spa Brisbane

We recommend using spa shock once a week, when you have just refilled your spa with fresh water, or after a period of heavy use or multiple users being in and out of the spa. Shocking the spa over holiday periods when usage is higher will help keep your spa in optimal condition. Using spa shock regularly takes away most common issues with spa water chemistry that could easily be avoided if spa shock is added to the water correctly.

Essentially, spa shock is just that, a shock treatment to the water that instantaneously raises the sanitiser level of the water to kill off any potentially harmful and foreign bacteria present in the water. While it does not provide a long term cleanse of the water, it should only be used as required. We do not recommend the use of bleach or bromine in your spa due to the erosive effect it can have on the spa jets.

At Aqua Pulse Spas, if customers who have purchased their spa from us in Brisbane or Australia wide leave us a review on our Facebook page or a Google review, we will send you a 1kg spa shock absolutely FREE! Review us on both and we’ll send you 2! Spa shock is the recommended way to keep your spa water in pristine condition for year round enjoyment!

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