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Why Does My Spa Have a Mouldy, Musty Smell? - Free Water Testing Brisbane

There can be a number of reasons why your spa has developed a slightly ‘musty’ or ‘mouldy’ smell. The first step in the process of eliminating potential reasons is to have your water checked. At Aqua Pulse Spas we offer free water testing so just bring in a sample and we’ll make sure that isn’t the problem. Because a spa is a quite often warm and moist environment, spending most of its time sealed with a hardcover, it can be an ideal environment for bacteria. This is eliminated by keeping the water chemistry in balance and ensuring your water is kept clean and maintained as recommended.

After checking the water, and correcting any chemical balance issues, if the smell still persists, check your spa cover and give it a thorough cleaning, if your spa has been neglected for any length of time this is also an area where bacteria can possible build up. The next area to check for the same reasons is your filter, build up of debris and bacteria can also cause the spa to emit an unpleasant odour if not maintained correctly. Clean it regularly with a filter cleaner to avoid bacteria build up and if your spa has not been maintained correctly for a significant length of time, we would recommend the filter is replaced, these are available for purchase easily online or at our Slacks Creek showroom.

We recommend regular use of Spa Shock, with users having different deodorants and moisturisers on their body, as well as hair products and natural body oils, it is important to regularly shock your spa. This does just that, shocks your spa and helps to keep the levels at a balanced point so the chances of the chemical balance being out are minimized.

It may be that you need to replace the water in the spa and start again with a recommended maintenance program. Call us today on (07) 3208 4625 or visit our Slacks Creek showroom, Michael, Sharyn and the team will be happy to test your water and troubleshoot any potential issues you may have with your spa water to keep in top condition.

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