Replacement Spa Filter

Why Use Spa Shock? – Spa Shock For Your Portable Spa Brisbane

We recommend using spa shock once a week, when you have just refilled your spa with fresh water, or after a period of heavy use or multiple users being in and out of the spa....
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Spa Water Testing – Chemical Maintenance Program Brisbane

At Aqua Pulse Spas we realise the importance of having your spa water in pristine clean condition year round and that's why we offer water testing instore at our Slacks Creek showroom and obligation free...
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Why Does My Spa Have a Mouldy, Musty Smell? – Free Water Testing Brisbane

There can be a number of reasons why your spa has developed a slightly ‘musty’ or ‘mouldy’ smell. The first step in the process of eliminating potential reasons is to have your water checked. At...
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Free Water Testing – Spa Maintenance Brisbane & Gold Coast

When testing your waters PH levels, the ideal and acceptable range is between 7.2 and 7.8. To keep it at this level, use testing strips, available for purchase on our website to ensure the correct...
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DIY Spa Maintenance – Spa Parts Brisbane & Gold Coast – Filters

When purchasing a spa you will no doubt have many years of use before things can start to go wrong. Our basic maintenance plan will ensure you have all the information you need to ensure...
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Cleaning and Replacing Your Spa Filter – Spa Parts Online

Your portable spa filter is a critical element in the function and longevity of the system. A filter or cartridge filter as they are commonly known is used to pick up smaller particles and stop...
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