Lorne Luxury Spa

Lorne Luxury Spa

PUMPS 0.35hp Circulation 2 x 3hp Massage
SIZE 2m x 2m x 0.92m
POWER 32 Amp
Cash Sale Price: $6,999*
Fun Rating
Therapy Rating

2m x 2m x 0.92m

The Lorne Luxury Spa is the ultimate performance therapy spa. Enjoy hot water massage therapy being pumped through all the hydrotherapy jets at the same time. There is no waiting for other users to finish their massage, everyone can enjoy the perfect massage at the same time. The Lorne Luxury Spa is the perfect place to cool off this summer, whilst enjoying an ice-cold drink.

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The Lorne Luxury Spa is the perfect family spa for every season. With an integrated set and forget heater, come home to optimum water temperature in the cooler months. In the warmer months, set the 60 cooling hydrotherapy jets at the touch of a button. The Lorne Luxury Spa allows you to target the intense pulse deep tissue massage for two people at a time so all users can relax at individual levels of comfort. The moulded therapy chair also includes shoulder positioned pressure jets for the ultimate restorative massage. Enjoy resort style living at home with the whole family while enjoying some time in the ambience of illuminated inbuilt waterfalls and LED lighting alone.

All of our spas are built to last with a stainless steel frame and equipment mount unique to our range and have a variety of different colour combinations available. Enjoy the peace of mind of purchasing a high quality Australian designed spa that is built to last.

Our friendly team at Aqua Pulse Spas are available to answer any questions before and after your spa purchase. We are here to ensure you get the best from your new spa.

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