Your Best One Stop Shop for A Hot Tub on the Gold Coast!

If you’re looking to buy a hot tub, or would like to upgrade your current spa set up, and are located in the Brisbane area, you’re in luck as Aqua Pulse Spas has a huge...
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The Best Spas for Sale in Brisbane!

Spa Sales Brisbane Aqua Pulse Spas has been selling luxury spas at affordable prices for many years and we are proud to claim the title of the best place to check out spas for sale...
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Get Cosy in a Jacuzzi This Winter

Winter Spas Winter is upon us, even in balmy Queensland, and what better way to get cosy than in a jacuzzi! Jacuzzis, more commonly known as “spas” in Australia, as jacuzzi is a brand name...
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Massage Spa to Yoga…The 10 Most Healthy and Relaxing Things To Do At Home!

The past few years have been remarkably stressful, wherever you live on our beautiful planet, bringing the need to learn how to unwind and relax in our own homes to the fore. At Aqua Pulse...
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In Desperate Need of Some “Me” Time? See Why So Many Are Choosing to Buy a Hot Tub in Australia!

Why Buy a Hot Tub In Australia You know…times are tough. The pandemic is still loitering around, kicking us when we’re down, uncertainty in jobs and school is rife, and it is hard to get...
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Looking Where to Buy a Lazy Spa? Why Buy a Lazy Spa When You Can Buy an Epic Spa?!

Where To Buy a Lazy Spa Lazy spas (that is, inflatable spas) are the latest craze in our post-lockdown world and yes, they have their place in cooler climates where they can be packed down...
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Aqua Pulse Spas Has Spas for Sale from Perth to Penrith and All Across Australia!

Spas for Sale in Australia Aqua Pulse Spas is based in Queensland on the Gold Coast but sells spas all across Australia. Our spas for sale in Perth are just as popular as our spas...
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Why Buying A Massage Spa For Sale Can Help Relieve Brain Fog And Other Symptoms Of Stress

Massage Spas and Brain Fog Brain fog. One of the most irritating symptoms of stress, and one of the hardest to shift when we’re busy. It manifests as difficulty concentrating, staying alert and remembering simple...
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Your Guide To Spa Parts From Spa Steps To Filters, Blowers, Heaters And More

Spa Parts If you’re looking to purchase a spa, or already own a spa and need some help with your spa parts then Aqua Pulse is the perfect one stop shop for you! We have...
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Spa Steps, Floating Bars, Automatic Aromatherapy Dispensers, and More!

If you’re thinking of purchasing a spa, or would like to upgrade your current spa, you might also be thinking about some added extras to make your spa that little bit more special. In this...
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Keeping Both You and Your Spa Filters Healthy This Winter

Wherever you live in Australia, we’re all prone to coughs and colds as the weather changes in the cooler months. This particular season we’re also trying to avoid Covid as well as the usual nasties,...
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Keep Your Spa in Perfect Condition With Quality Spa Parts and Spa Maintenance

Whether you’re a hot tub afficiadano or the proud owner of a brand new spa, you’ll be aware that in order to get the best from your spa, you need to keep on top of...
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