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Spa Chemicals: The Why, The How and The What!

Spa Chemicals, where to start?! If you’re new to spa owning, thinking about buying your first or upgrading your current home spa set up, y? You might find yourself reading about spa chemicals and how...
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Why You Need Spa Chemicals to Keep Your Hot Tub Fresh and Clean

Spa Chemicals Spa chemicals are an integral part of spa maintenance. Using spa chemicals in the right way protects you and your spa from all manners of things from simple dirt to harmful germs and...
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Keeping Both You and Your Spa Filters Healthy This Winter

Wherever you live in Australia, we’re all prone to coughs and colds as the weather changes in the cooler months. This particular season we’re also trying to avoid Covid as well as the usual nasties,...
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How To Keep Your Spa Parts Gleaming in Only 15 Minutes Per Week

One of the main barriers to spa ownership for many people is the perceived time needed each week to keep your spa and spa parts clean. Well, the good news is, that with some easy...
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Keep your Spa Parts Gleaming With These Three Cheap and Easy Tips

If you’ve invested in an outdoor spa for sale, you’ll want to keep your new hot tub and its spa parts as clean as possible both to maximise your spa enjoyment and also to extend...
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Keep Your Spa in Perfect Condition With Quality Spa Parts and Spa Maintenance

Whether you’re a hot tub afficiadano or the proud owner of a brand new spa, you’ll be aware that in order to get the best from your spa, you need to keep on top of...
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Keep It Clean This Season with Our Expert Spa Maintenance Tips

As we know, owning your own spa is the BEST. Hot bubbly water to relax in at home, whenever you want, is a real luxury in these anxious times. In fact, more hot tubs are...
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