Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions that we are regularly asked about outdoor spas.

If you have any other questions or would like to have a general discussion about spas pools, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

What is the best base for a spa?

An insulated energy efficient solid fibreglass base is the best platform to build a spa from.

Some spas use a cheaper thinner plastic base, we recommend you avoid this type of base as our experience shows they do not provide the long-term protection your spa requires.

What is the best structural frame for a spa?

A stainless steel structural frame in the best frame to use, the frame should also include a sub floor as well as internal shell supports for added strength.

Some spas will not have a sub floor and internal shell supports, these are critical to provide the support required for the shell of the spa.

What is the best way to make the spa shell?

The best way to make a shell is to use American made acrylic, reinforced with 100% fibreglass.

Some spas in the market do not use 100% fibreglass to reinforce the shell, instead they add fillers to the fibreglass to make the spa shell look thicker. We recommend you avoid this process as it leaves air pockets within the reinforcing fibreglass which makes the shell structurally weaker.

What is the best way to make the spa cabinet?

A synthetic cabinet is the best option for maintenance free.

Real cedar wood cabinets will require oiling every three months, they will still split and crack even if oiled frequently.

The spas cabinet should also be completely removable, make sure it has good hardware which can be removed easily for servicing.

What is the best way to make the spa hardcover?

A tapered foam hardcover with a marine grade vinyl outer cover is the best option.

The inside foam should be sealed in a water proof plastic and every side of the cover should have key lockable clips installed.

What is the best way to insulate the spa?

The best way to insulate the spa is to Insulate the following items,

Hardcover, Fibreglass Base, Cabinet, & Spa Shell.

We do not recommend full foam spray insulation inside the cabinet.

For our climate this will cause water overheating issues in summer, and this type of insulation makes servicing a spa leak nearly impossible to find.

What is the best control system for a spa?

The best control system for any spa is a time programmable system which will allow you to set the filter and heating cycles. These systems you can integrate to any home solar system saving you money on the running costs of the spa.

A non-programable control system will automatically choose the time of day to run the spas purge cycles which turns on all the installed pumps in the spa. This may happen early in the morning which may affect your lifestyle.

What is the best way to install the spa pumps?

The best way to install the pumps is on a raised stainless-steel floor.

Avoid spas which have the pumps installed directly onto the floor of the spa, this type of installation causes damage to the pumps if the spa leaks.

What is the best type of spa pumps?

The best type of pumps are single speed pumps, there should be one pump running the cleaning & heating and one or more pumps running the jets.

Spas using a two-speed pump use the one pump to run the cleaning & heating as well as the jets. This creates more work for the pump which leads to more frequent replacement. Most two speed pumps will also use more power when cleaning & heating than a smaller single speed pump will use.

What is the best built in spa sanitizer?

The best built in sanitizer is ozone. Ozone will kill bacteria in the water, helping to keep you water clean.

Avoid UV ultra violet sanitizers, these do not kill bacteria they only stop the bacteria from replicating. The UV sanitizers also consume the chemicals you apply to the spas water which leads to a higher chemical consumption.

What is the best type of spa jets?

The best jets are screw in bearing less self-cleaning jets.

Avoid jets which clip in or have ball bearings inside them, these jets fail frequently and are expensive to replace.

What is the best type of spa filter?

The best type of spa filters are paper cartridge filters, these provide the best filtration surface for cleaning the water and are also easy to wash clean and re use.

We recommend you avoid sock filters and pure zone filters. Sock filters do not provide enough filtration surface for cleaning the water and cleaning sock filters in your washing machine introduces unwanted foaming in the spas water. Pure zone filters cannot be cleaned and if you accidentally install a pure zone filter onto the main pump instead of the filter pump it will tear the filter apart and send it through the entire plumbing system of the spa which can cause major damage.

What is the best spa plumbing?

The best plumbing is flexible PVC plumbing, it provides vibration protection for the spas equipment and helps with noise reduction.

What is the best spa for servicing?

The best spas for servicing will have the following:

Spa parts available in Australia.

Fully removable cabinet.

Shut off valves installed on all pumps.